March 14, 2016


Everyone has a hobby, it can be about sports, video games, music, poetry, article writing or any stuff that you want. A hobby is something that makes your time fly away without noticing that you already spend so much hours doing your hobby. It speeds your time, it takes away your boredom and sometimes it makes you feel like you have your own world and you don't know when to stop. You feel happy, you're on a blissful state. Everything feels easy to you.

Sometimes a hobby can become very addictive and destructive if you will not control yourself and let your hobby control you. If you get carried away with your hobby too much then you will have a problem. You will lose balance and all of you time will be eaten by your hobby. That is why there are lots of kids out there who fail in their study, they spend too much time on video games and watching TV, they forget how to do their assignments and study their lessons. That is why there were also broken marriage, some guys become addicted to alcohol and make it as their hobby. They forget how to treat their wives right and make the right decisions for their children. Alcohol becomes their bestfriend and for them the solution for all of their problems is alcohol.

As a blogger about self revolution for 7 years I developed a hobby that for me is the coolest hobby. It takes away my stress, I feel fulfilled, I feel successful and I feel that I am growing while doing this hobby. This hobby is called "Set and Destroy". I set a task, destroy the feeling that is stopping me from doing that task and then finish. It is very simple, I just look for a task that is the most important for me, if not the most important maybe the most valuable or the most attractive task. It can be washing the dishes, writing an article, making graphics, cleaning my shoe, etc.

As a human being we tend to procrastinate and let our tasks hanging in the air. We keep on doing this until it becomes a habit that is very hard to get rid of. What I do in "Set and Destroy" hobby is everytime I feel I wanted to do the task later, I always destroy the feeling that is stopping me from doing that task. For example I am supposed to wash the dishes but I am craving for watching the television first and watch my favorite show. I destroy that craving by turning off the television or taking my eyes away from the television. Once I finish washing the dishes then that is the only time that I will go back watching my favorite show. It may be hard to do at the beginning but once you mastered it you will experienced great benefits.

Another example is I am writing an article, in writing an article there will be so may distractions like checking emails, checking messages from facebook, watching you tubes etc. To destroy this distractions I will close all the websites that are distracting me from finishing an article. The feeling of interest about this things is destroyed so I can now focus on my article writing. The secret in this hobby is set the task first, you can't be just doing any task that you feel. You should know what is the task that you need to do and then keep guarding your emotions, keep guarding your behavior, know what distracts you and kill it instantly.