March 14, 2016


The one thing that you must not really do is apologizing for taking a shot. Taking a shot, taking a risk, taking a chance that will make people angry is not bad. It means you are living your life and you are really serious about bagging your dreams. It means you are celebrating your life and thanking God that you are free to do whatever you want for as long as you are not hurting anybody.

I don't know why there are lots of people who go crazy and insecure if they see someone who is making a loud noise by pursuing his dreams. Maybe they see something form that guy that they cannot see on themselves. Maybe they don't want someone to succeed because they cannot succeed by themselves.

If you were in a situation where your team is down by 2 pts in a basketball game, you are not the star player but you are open. The last play was not intended for you, what will you do? are you going to give the ball to the star player or are you going to take the shot? If you miss of course the coach will get mad at you but if you take the shot and make it...boom your status in your team will go into another level. You might have more playing time or you can dethrone your team's star player and be the new one. Those are the things that may happen if you take risk.

If there is a situation in your working environment where your team leader is getting sick and there is a need for a temporary team leader don't be afraid to own the job and become the leader. Act as if you are the real leader and not an interim one. Do your best and lead your team, never mind if someone thinks that you are arrogant and wannabe. Don't apologize for doing the right thing for your team and for your ambition. Just be yourself and don't be afraid to get scrutinized. It is normal that you will hear some ugly reactions from the people around you because they were just jealous. They were jealous but they cannot admit it, they were so afraid to make actions and take the responsibility and they saw the courage in you that they don't have that is why they were so jealous.

Whatever action you do or decision you make, if it is about your dreams and making your life better then it is correct. What makes it wrong is if you doubt it and didn't follow through. Stop apologizing for your ideas, stop being humble but of course don't become arrogant. It is not your fault if other people were too much of a pussy and cannot take responsibility, they cannot blame you for taking risk and following your dreams. Taking chances to shine is not a sin neither a form of arrogance. You just know what is the meaning of real life and you are not wasting it. You know you will not live forever so you are devouring every opportunity that you see. Forget about what will they say, if they cannot do something about their situations you don't give a damn about their opinions.