March 11, 2016


I will straight forward about this thing because it is really true: MONEY CAN BUY HAPPINESS. I know there will be a lot of people who will disagree with me. A lot of meditational gurus, spiritual monks, yoga jedis and enlightenment preachers will love to murder me by saying that money can buy happiness but this is just my opinion and observation and it really happens in my life, I am pretty sure it also happened to different people.

One thing for sure is really true, everyone has his own definition of happiness so nobody can make a bold statement about what happiness is all about and how to get it. You can become happy on your own way regardless of what you have or not.

When I say money can buy happiness, this is just an option. You can be happy with having money and you can be happy without money too. Both of the situation can produce happiness. It depends on how a person look and feel about his situation.

I will give you some examples to prove my opinion about money:

Your Mom loves flowers, if she is a little bit sad today and you buy here a bouquet of flowers, wouldn't she be happy?. This is just a simple act of love and money can produce a little act of love. It is not about the paper, it is about how you use that paper to bring happiness. It is not about how big you spend to make your mom happy, it is about what will you buy in order for your mom to become happy. You can spend big and buy here a motorcyle but the question is does she really love it?

Your son got bullied by his playmates and he is crying, if you buy him a new robot do you think he will stop crying? Definitely yes, buying him a robot will make him stop crying faster than babying him and telling that everything is alright.

If your wife is a a little bit sad for an unknown reason just buy here a pair of sandals and you will see a little smile in here face. You can also book a surprise trip to some nice places or something. Just giving a little surprise to women will make them happy and ease away the sadness in their faces.

Money can buy happiness but it is not a forever happiness. It is a short term happiness but the feeling is genuine, the feeling is true, it is not fake. A short term happiness is still happiness. Money can become a medium for changing emotions. Money is not all about for buying materials, it can also play a large role for changing an emotional state of somebody.

Again, I am not saying that in order for you to become happy you must have a lot of money. It still depends on how you appreciate the things around you and how can you make yourself happy even though you don't have money. My point here is money can also produce happiness and that is a fact.