March 10, 2016


Life is not all about winning, sometimes no matter what you do you already knew that you are not going to win. There are some cases that no matter how hard you work and how big the effort you exert you already knew that you are not going to win. Yeah I understand the legendary simple quote: "never quit". But in cases like sports, if your team is down by 50 pts and there is only one minute remaining, do you think you can do it? Even Michael Jordan's team cannot do it.

If you already knew that you are going to lose then you should lose big time. What do I mean by this? lose with pride, lose with your heads up. You should show everyone that you fight and you use all your strength to win. You will still fight until the end and make your opponent give their best. Make them earn their win and make it difficult for them.

That is what losing big time is all about, it is playing with pride and not disrespecting the game, it is still playing the game with heart and passion no matter how small the time remaining is. No matter how big the lead is. No matter how painful your legs are.

Don't think that you are only tiring yourself because the results will never change. It is still better to lose fighting than to lose with mediocre effort. You will not regret that you fight until the end because the feeling of giving your best is priceless You will know your true strength and level of mental toughness. It is not about winning anymore, it is about are you a fighter or not? If you are going to lose, lose with some pride, lose big time!