March 08, 2016


There will come to a point where you will say enough is enough, I want change, I will stand for what I believe in then when pressure situation comes... ewww you will eat what you said.

If you want to become brave you should be willing to become scared. You should be willing to feel doubt and choose to move instead. Because the moment you decide to change your life, the moment you step outside of your comfort zone, there will be moments where you will ask yourself "is my decision right?","should I turn back?", "where will I go now?", "what will I do now?". Those are the questions that will play in your head. It is normal because you are changing directions, your mind will wander because it is starting to navigate in an unfamiliar territory.

Bravery is not evident without cowardice so don't feel bad if you feel fear. Don't be ashamed of yourself because you decided to become brave but you still feel scared. It is normal, bravery is the partner of cowardice, one cannot exist without the other.

It is just a matter of deciding that you will take courageous acts and risks but knowing that you will become scared along the way. If you are prepared to become scared then you can tap your bravery. It is a matter of knowing how you feel and knowing how will you react against that fear. Accepting that you have no immunity to fear will make you even braver. There is no such thing as a man without fear, that is an urban legend. Even the great ones have fears, even champions piss on their pants during scary situations. The difference is they can handle those fears and enjoy it.

If you have no fear then you are not normal or you are so high in drugs. Bravery starts with chickenry. Those times of being scared are the times that will bring out the bravery in you, only if you allow yourself to become scared. Never be scared of becoming scared, once you feel fear don't panic, just live with the moment, enjoy it, move if you can, be natural and wait until your courage show itself naturally.