March 11, 2016


Be happy if you find yourself alone, travelling your journey, doing what you think is right, doing what you think will make you successful. Don't be scared because even if you fail you will still see the right way. Travelling alone means you are detached from other people's opinions, you are really following what your heart tells you to do so. You are not afraid if there is no helping hand that will support you because you don't need it anymore. You know you can do it yourself, you trust your strength, decision and abilities. You have the determination to take every action.

Some people who find themselves alone in their journey will go back to their starting line because it is really scary to be alone, it is scary if there will be no one who will help you if you fail. And mostly they only find strength from the strength of others. They not believe that they can do it.

If you are pursuing great things then you must be prepared to become alone. People will not understand why are you doing such things that for them seems irrational, they will not understand your emotions and how you feel when you are taking your own journey. Sometimes they will label you as weird and trying hard individual because they know nothing about your beliefs. They find your actions "over acting" and they simply cannot understand why are you going so hard.

If you are alone in your journey it means everybody has given up but you are still fighting, you are still believing so you will be the only one who will succeed. It means you already defeated fear because you can stand alone with nobody watching over you.

Be happy even if no one is supporting you while you are travelling your journey because at the end of the line they will be there to congratulate you. Those who doubted you at the beginning will hug you in the end and throw some confetti as a sign that you are right and they were asking forgiveness for not supporting you.

Those who have strength and courage to travel his own journey alone are usually the ones who succeed. It is simply because they made up their mind that they will take every step no matter how difficult it is just to become successful. They have a strong immunity against challenges, critics and mockery from other people. They always knew that all they need is their heart, belief and the willingness to move even if their body is saying they should quit.

If you find yourself alone in your journey you have every reason to become happy.