March 12, 2016


Most people when they reach the age of 40 will already give up their dreams or will stop becoming strong. It is because they believe that they will not grow anymore, they believe that their muscles were already wick, their brains weren't as sharp when they were only 20's. They believe that they already pass their prime and all they can do is accept their situation. They accept being weak and hopeless. They do no longer dream of becoming big, becoming beautiful and becoming a star. Their default mindset is they were too old to do some crazy shits. But deep inside if you dig their deepest thoughts you will find that they are still thinking sometimes what if they try for the very last time.

Age does matter for people who believe that it really matters. What will you do if you haven't reach your goals yet and you were already 45? It is logical to just give up, lie on your sofa and drink some beers, this is what common people mostly do. But what if you are one of those few people who believe that you can  still improve? What will you do? the answer is START IMPROVING and KEEP IMPROVING.

If you were at your 40's or 50's and you still want to compete at the highest level then you should do it. How do most old people look? They were fat, slow, out of shape and funny. It is because the lack the discipline to stay in shape. We all knew that our metabolism is deteriorating once we get old so it is up to us how we adjust our diet and regular activities. You cannot fight aging but you can slow it down and maintain your power. You can even improve no matter what your age is for as long as you're committed to it and forgetting about what people say.

Forget the statistics that most men and women lose their prime at the age of 40 above. That stat was not true, that stat was a myth. There were even old people who were stronger than youngsters and can easily schooled someone younger than them. These old strong people maintain their strength because they were so disciplined, dedicated and they act according to their age. They have a diet that brings back their youthful energy.

Compare two people, one is a 47 year old guy who have good and healthy habits like running 45 mins a day, lifting heavy weights, doing some yoga and eating healthy foods. The other guy is a 25 year old guy who drinks everyday, just exercising twice a week, eating a lot of junk foods and has no daily routine. If the two compete in a physical sport who do you think will win? My bet is the 47 year old guy, if you are doing a daily exercise then your will power is stronger, your body is in perfect condition and your endurance can last longer than the younger guys who has no daily discipline at all. I am making this comparison about the older guy whose disciplined and the younger guy who lacks focus because there are few disciplined people nowadays. The logic here is you can still thrive even if you are old because only few people do exercise everyday.

An older guy with discipline and healthy habits can also beat a younger guy whose healthy and exercising everyday as well if his training is harder and smarter than the younger guy. You see, the age is not the issue here, it is what you are doing with your body.

Improvement is not choosing anyone, you can improve even if you were too old, you can become stronger everyday for as long as you have healthy habits, consistent training and positive mindset. Never use age as an excuse so you can stop and just watch others fulfill their dreams. You can do anything you want, you can improve anytime you want. There is no requirements for self improvement.