March 18, 2016


Failing is really hard to endure, it is like a bitter pill to swallow. There will be some days where you can't sleep because that failure is always in your head. You are thinking about what went wrong or what did you miss. Sometimes you don't want to wake up when you fall asleep. But when you woke up you are thinking if you will try again or you will do something else. It is like you're between a rock and a hard place. You were so confused and you don't know what to do anymore. It is ok because that is what failure does to everybody. It will break your heart and make you a little bit insane. What most of you don't know is failure is the secret to success. Failing doesn't means you really fail, it simply means you still need to learn something.

But some people are already immune to failing. They fail over and over again and hasn't succeeded yet just for once. I don't know if they were already enjoying it and it becomes a part of their lives. I feel sad for them because they already knew that they will fail but they aim for the same thing every time they try. They aim too small and yet they still fail. They think that aiming for small things will make them succeed because it is easier, but what if aiming for small things still cannot make them succeed? What if aiming for small things and failing repeatedly is already destroying their lives?

The best thing to do is GO BIG! aim for big things. You already failed for a million times and failing is very familiar to you. So instead of failing for small things why not fail for big things? There is no difference here, you still fail no matter how big or small your goal is so just take the failure to the next level.

Instead of being rejected multiple times in applying for a normal position why not apply for a position with larger salary? You have nothing to lose here, you were already rejected before in a lower level so why not take the rejection to newer heights? Don't ever think that you don't have the right to try big things because you can't even make the small things. Again were not talking about succeeding here, we are talking about rejection and failing. You don't feel anything about being rejected anymore so don't ever differentiate what is big or small again, ever! Fail in small things or big things, it doesn't matter.

The reason why you should choose big things is because later you will succeed, that is guaranteed. Those who keep on trying and never get tired of failing will succeed in the end. So if you are failing over and over again for small things you will succeed in the end and get that small thing that you want. If you are failing over and over again aiming for big things you will succeed in the end and get that big thing. Many people think that they should aim for small things first because it easier to succeed. This is a big mistake. Success is not choosing any size of dream, you will still fail no matter what size of your dream is. Big or small, you will still fail, accept it or not. So it is better to pursue a bigger dream because you will still succeed in the end no matter what.