March 23, 2016



You think you are living your life? you think you are living life to the fullest? if you think so then good. many people nowadays are not living their lives, their lives was stolen from them. They thought that they were happy but deep inside they were lacking something. Deep inside they want something but they cannot get it because they think they don't have the capabilities to get it. They also thought that they were alright but the reality is not. Most people let their lives stolen from them by doing things that are not related to their lives or doing things that will not give them what they want. I know a few things how life can be stolen from you here are they:

1. You become a big fan of other person and not a big fan of yourself - this is crazy, you're like dancing into someone's tune. If you will become a big fan then why not become a big fan of yourself? It is ok to admire someone and become amazed at his/her talents or looks but you should admire yourself even more so you will become more. Focus your appreciation on yourself so you will have the motivation to improve yourself everyday. Appreciate your talents, your looks, traits and all the properties you have. You will truly enjoy life if you see yourself as a great person that can also do great things.

2. You help other people reach their dreams and not yours - It is ok to help other people reach their dreams but you have to prioritize yourself first. Look at some bread winners in their families that sacrifice their dreams in order to support their brothers or sisters. They stop studying and they start working so they can send their siblings to school. Their game plan was to make their siblings finish study first and then they will pursue their dreams. Did it happen? did they pursue their dreams after their siblings finish school? and do their siblings help them to get their own dreams? It is your duty to follow your own dreams and if you become big you can help others to reach theirs. If you don't pursue your dreams right away and if you give way to others the tendency is the time will pass you and you will lose your prime.

3. You hide your ideas - you keep your ideas in your cabinet. You never reveal it and the world didn't see it. When you grow old you will wonder what might happen if you exposed your ideas. Your ideas, even if it is the most ridiculous ideas in the world is still your ideas and it has a chance to become successful. You are killing yourself if you are holding your ideas for so long until it decayed itself. Your ideas will just remain ideas if you didn't act for its realization. You have a feeling of wanting to explode because you want to execute your ideas but you are stopping yourself. It is time to act, forget about failure, forget about humiliation, turn your ideas into reality.