March 22, 2016



Rejection is an event that hurts a lot of people. It breaks some weak hearts and destroy lives of people who don't understand that rejection is just part of the game.  Without rejection people will not think about what they want, they will just accept what is offered infront of them. Rejection happens when one's requirements is not met. Any one can reject and anyone can be rejected, there is no one immune to rejection. Even the biggest stars and most influential people has experienced rejection.

Don't ever forget that you also have the power to reject even if you are not rich, powerful nor has a high position in the community. Rejection is a choice, it has nothing to do with your status in life. Sometimes you have to use rejection to put your life in a better position. Harden your heart and reject people if needed, don't be afraid to reject someone and think that you are being mean or something.

Reject your clients if needed, just because your clients are giving you money to support your daily needs doesn't mean you don't have the right to reject them. If your clients is too much of a pain in your ass then reject them. Don't be afraid that you cannot find another good client. If your clients are not healthy to you and is eating too much your time then reject them. Think of yourself first before thinking others. It is you that is working, you should take care of yourself and not your clients.

Reject your friends, If you have some friends that are not good influence to you and is not healthy to your life reject them. No second thoughts no pity party just reject. Some friends are pretending to be your friends if they needed something from you. If you don't want to be used then reject them cold bloodedly. No second thoughts, no emotions just do it. You can reject them by ignoring them or you can always say no whenever they ask something from you, they will notice it as the time goes by and they will be the one who will stay away from you because they feel that you don't like them anymore.

Reject low offers, some abusive companies, contractors or anything that offers money will give you low offers, something that you don't deserve. Have the ability to reject it. If you think that you deserve more then ask for more, if they cannot give it then reject them. You should know your value, your price because you know what kind of service you can give. It is not that you are turning down a blessing, you are just asking what you know is right for you and is congruent to your skills and services that you can offer. If you know that you deserve more big money then reject low offers and ask for bigger ones.

Reject bad love, Most people thought that they already found the one they are looking for so even though their partner is abusing them and treating them no respect they still don't want to leave their partners. They always believe that someday their partners will change, they always believe that their partners will realize their value. Years have passed and their partners are getting worse, they also lost respect for themselves because their abusive partners were making their self confidence go down. If they will only learn how to reject their partners who asked forgiveness after committing a terrible mistake then they will become free and live a better life. They must accept the pain for leaving their partners and learn how to heal their pain everyday so they can find the real person meant for them.

People are afraid to reject someone or something because they always thought that those things/people are very valuable and they cannot find a replacement. This is a terrible mistake, you should always think that if one thing/person is not good for you then you can find a better replacement. A replacement that will make you happier and feel more alive.