March 11, 2016


No one knows everything. even successful people sometimes weren't 100% sure about what are they doing and if it will give them any results. They only move even if they do not know if they will succeed or not, sometimes they were also guessing. If you guess and make a move you will know what is the next move, you will know if what you did is right. Sometimes it is all about the guessing and moving game. Guessing while moving is better than analyzing while stopping. If you keep on overthinking about things you will form a habit of doubt and being afraid to take actions. Your mind will be poisoned you will never noticed that years passed by and you haven't take any actions yet.

Movement is the only thing that will take you to the next step. Even if your decision is not right you still move, you still made a progress. If you keep on analyzing things you will find yourself procrastinating and being stuck in a mud. The word "analyze" will make you paralyze. Be the person who takes actions even if the action is not sure.

If a murderer is running after you and you see two doors what will you do? are you going to think about it first or are you going to take an immediate pick? The best thing to do is make a guess and pick whatever it is that you like. If you don't take immediate action then you're dead. Even if you pick the wrong door, well at least you decide it for yourself, at least you extend your life rather than allowing the murderer to stab your back without doing something about it. And what more if you pick the right door? Instant happiness right?

Life is not all about thinking, it is not all about studying things and taking calculated risks. Because over analyzing things will bring you to nowhere. You will remain at your position forever wondering what should be done. Overthinking will just give you a headache and stress unlike taking actions which will give you directions.

If you commit a mistake you still made a progress because you already knew what to do next time. You will get feedbacks that you can use in the future.