March 13, 2016


All of the employees around the world please lend me your ears. The time of slavery is over, the time where pharaohs of egypt whipping slaves whose giving free work in exchange for their lives is over, you are free now. You are free to disagree about giving a free work. Our world now is very competitive and some companies are very abusive to their employees and forcing them to work for free. Managers will scare you and will tell you that if you don't follow you will have a bad feedback and they might not make you a regular employee.

Some companies are really greedy, they force their employees to work on saturday and sunday but they do not count it as overtime. There are some cases in fastfoods and restaurants where their workers need to work longer than their regular schedule because there are still people who are eating even if it is already closing time, they work an extra hour or more but it is not paid. They have no choice to do it because as usual the "I will fire you" phrase by the managers will be used again.

This also happens in the office, your shift is already over but you have to wait for the email of your boss because he said it is too important, you wait for 2 hours just to know the instructions for tomorrow's work, you were so sleepy but you have no choice to wait. Again this is not counted as overtime. These abusive leaders are really using their power well, using it fir their own benefit.

Wake up people!!! You should only work according to your schedule and nothing more than that, if you are force to extend your hours of work then you should file it as an overtime. Once you see in your monitor that it is already the end of your shift then turn off your computer immediately and unplug it, no thinking twice about the email of your boss, teammate etc. Stop thinking about what if they get mad or something, it is in your contract that you should only work for 9 hours. If they are against with your leaving on time then they should revise the contract and add more money to your salary.

Time is money so if you're spending your time for charity work then good luck to you. Your health is an issue here. You abuse your body for giving them freework just to smell good and become a regular employee or get an increase but they will not give you some money if you got sick. These greedy companies are having the courage to abuse their employees because the employees themselves agrees to be abused.

Stop allowing managers. bosses, team leaders to scare you that if you don't follow them you will get fired. If you let them scare you then you will be abused forever. Know your rights and fight for it.

What really matters is your health, if they want you to extend the hours of working they they should pay you for overtime, even if the overtime is only 5 minutes it still should be paid. You don't owe them anything, they are also getting something from you, without you their operation will be disabled. Without you their operation is weak, you are valuable so stop giving them more value than yourself.