March 16, 2016

EXTREMISM (a poem)

While everyone says they're on fire, I am already an arsonist
While they're working hard I am only warming up
They say success is a grind I say success is will make you blind
You can double your effort but I can clean the largest airport

If you can dominate I am here to eradicate
If they can lose a million times I can lose everyday
What is the point of trying if your mindset is not about winning?
What is the point of winning if you are afraid of repeating?

If you can become a wolf I can become Hitler Adolf
You can catch the fastest mice, I can kill a cyclops with two eyes
They don't care about warning, I don't care about dying
If you can take rejection I can take discrimination

I am not comparing I am just practicing truth telling
You say you go hard, if you see my hard you will look like a bastard
If you can start I can finish
If you can smile in pain I can celebrate in vain

If you can walk while feeling weak, I can run while feeling sick
If the sitaution becomes harder that's the time I become stronger
No one can put me down I will make them look like a clown
If riot is their game war is my name

If you can take the blame I can take the shame
Somebody is standing on a motorcycle I am dancing on a space shuttle
Everyone can use their creativity, I always use my insanity
While some of them needs motivation I am already killing procrastination

Everyone wants to be on history, I am the one who writes my destiny
If you can catch a killer I can cage a tiger
I can do better than the others because I work harder like a hustler
If there are questions from doubters I can double the numbers