March 08, 2016


Emotion is a great distraction for being successful. We are afraid of experiencing negative feelings that is why we cannot fully express ourselves when needed, we cannot maximize our capabilties. What are the negative feelings that we are about to experience when we are pursuing success? These are fear, stress, anxiety, depression, impatience and any other feelings that we are uncomfortable with.

Lets be realistic here, there is no such thing as an easy path. There is no such thing as walk in the park or cake walk if we are pursuing big things. Negative emotions is the starting point. There is no way we cannot be afraid or feel anxious because success will never exist without fear and stress. Can you name someone who is so big that didn't experience any form of adversity? There is no one.

You shouldn't be afraid of negative feelings if you want to become successful. Treat it as a challenge. The longer you can take negative emotions, the faster you can attract success.

A lot of fake gurus out there are telling that you can become successful if you are enjoying your work and take the path of least resistance, yes this is true but sometimes pursuing a goal is not all about fun. You will experience different emotions that you don't want to experience. If being successful is all about fun then there is no poor person in this world. Sometimes you can't find fun in what you are doing, sometimes you don't even know if it is still fun. What you need to do is keep going until the fun comes back.

The greatest way how to deal with negative emotions is to stop avoiding it. Repeat it over and over again so you were no longer afraid to have those feelings. If last night you were stressed then today feel that stress again, embrace that stress so your body and psychology will become immune with it. If last day you feel so tired, make your self tired today again until you don't know what is the feeling of being tired anymore.

It is also called hardening the iron. You make yourself hard by exposing your self to flames and hammering yourself. This is not about being masochist or something. It is about being accustomed to pressure and negative feelings so the moment you feel it again you will not panic and go hysterical. You know what to do and you know how to react with stress.

Look at those athletes, I mean high level athletes. They make themselves suffer in training so the moment they feel pressured or fatigued in real games or fight they never panic. They know that it is normal to experience negative emotions because it is part of the game, it is part of the road to success. If you want to become successful, if you want to go to a level where no one can reach. Never shy away from stressful situations, embrace it and conquer it.