March 08, 2016


To make it easy for you you must find a way how to make every movement as a play. If you can do this then everything will be easy, even the hardest ones will look very easy. That is why great people make difficult things look very easy. It is because they enjoy it, they enjoy the hardwork and the easy work. Even the impossible looks possible because they are not afraid to do the hardest way because for them it is just a game. If you are playful then you will become joyful. Your actions will become very entertaining and people around you will also have some fun watching you.

Treat every action as a play, treat every challenge as a play. Have a mindset that everything that you are doing is just a game and there is no pressure if you win or not. Have fun doing the things that is hard to you because it is just another hard stage, there is no way you can't finish it.

If you are stressed in work, find something that you love about your work and keep doing it. Find the beauty of your work and appreciate it. Fantasize that you are just playing and you are in the final stage that is why it is so difficult. You keep trying, you keep pushing until your work is finished and never forget to enjoy it, forget about the time because the more you think about time, the more you worry and feel stressed. Just keep playing the game until it is finished.

Imagine yourself in a video game, do it everyday especially when you are in a hard situation.

For example you are lost while driving, you don't know the place anymore and you feel a little bit terrified. Just imagine that you are in a maze and there is no way you can't find the right way. You'll just have to be patient and keep trying, keep enjoying being lost. It is hard to do it but it is possible. The more you enjoy being lost, the easier you will find the way.  Is there a game that you love that you didn't finish?

That is the beauty of life. If life is making fun of you by throwing you different challenges and adversities, make fun of life too. Make your life look easy by being easy to yourself, stop being frustrated, stop cursing yourself. Imagine everything as a play, imagine that you are in a video game and you are the main character. You can be a super mario, bomberman or pacman. You own the game, for sure you will win in the end.

Treat everything as a game but still know your limitations, you can't be reckless and play with your life to the point where you are destroying it. Still be cautions if your life is in danger. My point here is always have fun and don't take life seriously that all you do is think about your suffering.