March 07, 2016


If you really want to standout, if you really want to thrive and make whole world bow infront of you then you should grab the lime light, embrace it and feel all the pressure that is accustomed with it.

People are always wishing for something, they want to become popular, they want to become big and rich but when the chance is there, when the spotlight is there and the whole world is looking at them...they shy away, they become scared like a puppy looking for their mother dog. They got overwhelmed so they pass the limelight to somebody else. The are not being themselves and they immediately look for something comfortable. They want to escape the situation because they feel like they will melt if they stay there for a few more seconds. What happens is they let the opportunity pass.

When the whole world looks at you stop looking at them, look at your inner strength. Look at your dreams, look at what you really want. What really matters to you? is it the people's reactions or your ambitions? Don't ever pass the limelight once it is in your hands, embrace it and show the world what you can do, give everything you've got. Use all your power, display all of your skills and most of all... Never shy away from failure or success. Forget about how the results may turn out and just let go.

Take the risk, feel uncomfortable because you will never feel comfort if you don't want to become uncomfortable. Embrace the pressure because pressure is a treasure. People are so scared about pressure because they do not know what it really means, pressure is an indicative of growth. Pressure is a sign that success is almost there, all you have to do is embrace it, enjoy it, endure it and conquer it.

Never let someone steal the limelight from you, you have the right to take it. You have the right to dream and become someone who is great and unbelievable. Be loose and don't be afraid to lose.