March 23, 2016



They say success is determined by your daily habits so if you have good habits you are sure to become successful and if you have bad habits you know that you will fail you are just denying it. Habits can be developed by consistently doing an activity everyday. The longer and consistent you do an activity the stronger the habit will become. So if you are watching TV for five straight hours for one month, that habit will become very strong and its very hard to get rid of it. That is why there are lots of obese people who wants to become fit but they can't do it. They thought that some kind of a 3 minute abs, magic pills or high priced equipment can help them. You can have all the things that can make you fit but if there is no habit of doing it then those things are completely meaningless.

Now, if you want to have a better life. If you want to improve your financial status, health or looks then you must develop a habit of making those things happen. But what if you don't have time developing good habits because your time were almost consumed by your old habits that is not helping you? You should develop a habit inside a habit, what do I mean by this? While you are doing your present habit you should also develop a habit on the same time of doing that old habit. It is like over writing your old bad habit with new and good ones.

For example, you are watching television for 3 hours a day and you really can't stop doing it because you've done it everyday for 3 years so it is technically part of your daily life. What you need to do is think of something that you wanted to do, like a skill to develop or a passion that you want to pursue. If you want to make your body better then do some easy exercises while watching TV. You can do jumping jacks, situps, running in place etc. while watching TV. The good thing here is you will not get bored doing exercise because you are watching the programs that you love, time will fly so fast.

If you have a bad habit of spending too much time on social media, let's say you squander 4 hours a day. You can also build a habit inside that bad habit, do something that can sneak in while squandering your time in social media. It can be something that can earn money online. There are thousands of money making technique online such as clicking something, answering surveys etc.You can do it while having chat with your friends or guarding the likes of your posts. It is easy to mix something with your time in social media because it is not that important.

Developing a habit inside a habit is fun, you can do your old habits but at the same time you are also doing something positive in your life. Another good thing about it is the good habit can override the bad habit once you see results that is contributing to your life. You may get rid the old habit permanently and focus on the good one.