March 14, 2016


Did it come to a point in your life where you have to choose between two things?. The other is a safer route where you already know what you will get, there is lesser pressure and lesser adjustments needed. In short words no stress. You know the exact amount of money that will come, you know you can live without worrying for tomorrow, you know you will have a stable job, you know people won't criticize you and you will create lesser insecurities but... you also know that there is no bigger rewards waiting, all you have is security but later the security will become a misery. Misery why? because you will still search for something big, you will think everyday what if you take the more dangerous road. You are little bit regretful because somewhere in your heart, you feel like you can do better.

The other route is more dangerous, you do not know what will happen. Fear is really making its presence and you know if you fail you are totally screwed up. There is a lot of things on the line. Your family might get hungry, your wife might get angry. There is no stability and what you can see is adversity. This route is not taken by many because success is not guaranteed and everyday you are required to bleed. You will wonder if this route is really worth taking because its success rate is less than 50 percent. You don't know what is waiting for you so it is irrational to take this route. Some people might even call you crazy because they do not see what you see on this route. In summary this route was taken by the crazy ones and those who are not familiar with the word "reality". But... this route is the only way to take your life into another stratosphere. It maybe a very painful, hard and scary route but it promises big time rewards and unthinkable prizes. You might work double hard if you take this route and the results might take longer than expected but the great thing about this route is you will never regret taking it. You will know your capabilities and you will become too much of a person.

My advise is choose mystery over security. Take the more dangerous road but has greater rewards. Anyone can become a good person, study hard and follow the norms but not anyone can follow his heart, take risks and become great. Not anyone can embrace fear and move despite feeling it. You can only become free if you choose the path less traveled. Yes it is dangerous, yes you do not know what is waiting for you but if you keep believing that something will happen, if you keep on working hard while taking that route then you will succeed in the end. Only the choice with greater risks will produce greater rewards. And even if you fail, you can become proud of yourself and tell everyone that you did it your way.