March 09, 2016


You don't know if you are going to succeed or not that is why you were so scared to try because you think your efforts will be wasted. No one in this world  wants to see his effort wasted. But if you will not try and do the things that you are supposed to do then you already failed.

Here is the thing, maybe you don't know if what you are doing makes sense or if it will make you successful but one thing is for sure...If you choose the activity with bigger chance then you might become successful.

Example here is an underdog boxer who is supposed to fight in two weeks. He is fighting the number one contender in his weight class. He is so afraid because  he is only ranked number 5. Time is running out and he is not yet stabilized on his training. If he will only choose the right activity then he will have a bigger chance of winning. Instead of engaging in activity of worrying why don't he just jog outside of his house until he figured out what to do on his training. Instead of watching his opponent in you tube doing heavy duty training why don't he just do shadow boxing on his own so his body will become prepared for fighting. Engaging in activities that is not related to strength and mind conditioning will give him nothing, it will only waste his time. If he will just do something about improving himself, may it be about cardio, striking or defense then he will have a bigger chance of winning.

A freshly grad student with an interview tomorrow morning is so scared. He is so scared because it is his first time attending an interview. He is anticipating difficult questions form the interviewer. He cannot sleep so what he do is he watch x rated films just to relax a bit and divert his mind from worrying to enjoying. Is that kind of activity gonna help him and make him successful? Of course not, if he only search the internet what are they typical questions in an interview then he will have an idea of what is going to happen. If he only prepare his mind for the interview then he will have more confidence.

If you do not know what to do to become successful just choose the activity with a bigger chance. Choose an activity that will give you a benefit, an activity that will give you some progress even if it is too small. Choose an activity that will put you in a better position, as simple as that.