March 24, 2016



What most people don't know is that being rich has nothing to do with the money that someone is earning. They thought that if you are earning millions then you were already rich. NO, not all people who were earning a lot of money are truly rich. Being rich is not all about the quantity of money that you are earning, it has also have a lot of connections with your emotions. Looking rich is very different from feeling rich.

There are lots of people out there who were earning more than an average person but they still feel poor, why is it? It is because they have a lot of debts, they have a lot of car loans, liabilities etc. More than 70 percent of their salaries will go to the bank, bills etc once they get it. They feel like they are working just to pay their loans and bills. Yes they have a lot of gadgets, things, properties but sometimes they can just hold their money for just a few days then it is all gone. Their money is not growing, their bills are getting bigger. They are getting poorer everyday because they are spending more than they can earn.

There are some people who were earning small amount of money but feel rich. It is because they feel that their money is more than enough to support their basic needs. They knew how to manage their money and make it grow. They were very satisfied for what they are earning and they were continuously finding ways how to earn even more. They were growing their assets everyday and they were good in making decisions for their money. In other words they never waste money. They only buy the things that they need and not what will make them look rich. They have lesser liabilities and they were very comfortable with their situation unlike people who were earning a lot but is worrying that the bank might get their house or car one day if they cannot afford to pay it's monthly payment.

If you want to become rich you should feel rich. It is not that you will spend like a millionaire who have unlimited funds. You must spend your money wisely so you will feel abundance. If you feel that you are not lacking something then you are rich. It is not about how people feel about you, it is about how you feel at yourself. Being rich is having the ability to sleep at night without worrying about bills, foods and having a place to sleep for tomorrow. Being rich is feeling more with having less.
And you are the only one who can tell yourself if you are rich or not, you feel it. There are some people who have everything but they don't have a peace of mind, they still feel poor because all of their properties were in danger. They know that they might lose all their properties one day. In other words being rich is also feeling secured.

Once you feel that your money is growing everyday and you feel that you are in a very stable position then you are already rich. It doesn't matter how much money you have or how expensive your things are, it is about how do you really feel with the money in your pocket.