March 13, 2016


Everything is changing everyday and you have to face it. You can't cling on to something forever because at any minute it can be gone. They say that the only permanent in this world is change, it is true but I think I know something that can become permanent forever -  it is the MINDSET. You can change the mindset but you can also make it permanent. Mindset is the most important thing to cultivate if you want to reach a certain degree of success in life. With a positive mindset you can achieve results more than you expected. This has been preached a million times before, what you think is what you are.

In case there is a sudden change in your life, business or relationship never fight the change but don't change your mindset to maintain or improve what you have. What do I mean by this? for example your business is doing well and you are earning pretty decent dollars everyday but the recession strikes and your business is affected. Of course you need to make adjustments and changes in order for your business to survive but remember what is your purpose for building your business, what was it? it is to earn money right? so even if a lot of situation changes, your mindset of earning the money from your business shouldn't change. That is the trick in adopting to change but wanting to maintain your properties. If your goal in your business everyday is to earn one hundred thousand dollars then that mindset should never change. Recession may strike, prices may increase but your mindset of earning that certain amount of money should never change. Soon you will realize that changes doesn't matter as long as you have a fixed and strong mindset.

If you were traded to a team that you never like or there is a change of caching stuff in your team and you are not getting the playing time that you usually get, your mindset should never change. If at the beginning your goal is to become an MVP then that mindset should never change. People may treat you differently, your situation may change accordingly but your mindset should remain the same, it should be not scared, unaffected and not willing to entertain other thoughts other than the thought from the beginning.

It is normal to get affected when things are not going on your way, it is logical to make an excuse and change course when your being overwhelmed with the changes that is happening around. But if you will not change your mindset from the start then you will be fine, you can still have your goals in the end. If your mindset will not change then adjustments will come naturally, you don't need to worry about a lot of things because you know you will become successful in the end. All you have to do is keep moving, make certain adjustments if needed, stay with the course and weather the storm.