March 16, 2016


Sometimes we think that what we are doing has no effect. We think that all of the hardwork, all of the sacrifices will lead to nothing especially if we can't see the results yet. This is the biggest problem the most people are facing...they lack patience. They want immediate results, instant rewards and gratification. They want progress for the little effort that they exerted. They feel scarcity when they don't see results and stop immediately when they did not get what they want that they are expecting for a very short period of time.

What people don't know is any movement will initiate an improvement, yes any movement may it be a small or big movement can change your current situation.

If you want to change your body and you don't know what to do just move, do something. Just walk or jump or run or even crawl, anything that will make you sweat just do it. Forget about the facts just keep moving, it doesn't matter if you can't see improvement yet what matters is you are going towards the direction of your goal.

If you are planning to work on abroad but you don't have any money for the fixing of papers, just do what you can do. Save a little money each day, work on your passport, work on your visa, ask for the requirements, ask for any vacant job. Just produce any movement. It doesn't matter if the move that you execute looks like useless or not, what matters is you are doing something that will move you a little inch towards your dreams. Even if it is just asking what should be the age limit of the job applicant do it. Even if it is giving a little gift to the person who will process your papers just do it. Anything that will change your situation a little bit, do it.

If you are dreaming to become the supervisor of the company you are working, all you have to do is make any movement too. Start by impressing your boss, working double hard. Outworked your co-employees. Dress like a supervisor sometimes, have lunch with your boss. Present yourself to handle big projects, act like a team leader. There is nothing wrong with acting like as if you have it already. There is nothing wrong with feeling like a supervisor. What matters is what you think and not what they think. Any movement will initiate an improvement, keep this in mind. You may look stupid sometimes but the point here is you are knocking at the door of your dreams. You are producing something, you are showing the world that you want it.

Just move and don't be shy about any movement that you execute. It is better to keep moving and working than to stagnate and keep wondering. Results will show itself in the end. Your focus should be on movement and improvement. he more you move the more closer you get to your destination.