March 10, 2016


There were some popular aliases that people use for other people. Some Aliases were good and some were not. You know what is good or not and you know if they are only making fun of you. If they use an alias upon you it means you are really connected to that alias and they feel that it is better to call you that way. Here are some of the aliases that people use to make fun of other people, you should not let these aliases be used upon you:

1. One Trick Pony - This means you only have one move or expertise and you are not versatile. I don't know if this alias has something good about it but all I know is that this alias is being used to criticized people that has only one move. To avoid this alias being used upon you, you must become unpredictable, you must master at least 2 to three expertise. People who were one trick pony are always underestimated, people were not impressed with them and they were always expected to perform mediocre.  If you don't want to become a one trick pony then you should learn a lot of things.

2. One hit wonder - who wants to become a one hit wonder? of course nobody. If people labeled you as a one hit wonder it means you do something great for one time and can never do it again. They labeled you as a lucky guy and they doubted if you are really talented or not. What you need to do is you have to make another great success, much better if you will double the height of success that you did earlier. Never let people identify you as a one hit wonder because if you became successful once you can do it twice.

3. Lucky Charm - This is another funny alias. This alias is being used for people that is not doing anything but somehow giving luck to a team or any kind of group. In other words you are useless, you will not get noticed if your team is not winning. Again don't let this alias be used upon you, show them that you have more worth than luck. Show them that you can also become a big factor and can bring huge success by using your skills and power.

4. Sacrificial Lamb - This is probably one of the ugliest alias ever. A sacrificial lamb? if you've been called by this it only means you are weak and ready to lose. It means you are there not to compete but to get beaten. This alias was widely used for weak people and has no capability of winning. It sucks when you were called this way. If you don't want to be called a sacrificial lamb you must make a case that you are here to die not for the success of another person, you are here to die for yourself and your dreams.

5. Backseat Driver - If you were called a "backseat driver" it means you are giving useless advice. It means you are not good for the situation. It's better to just keep quiet and do nothing than to give shitty advice that no one cares about. If you cannot help for the situation then don't worsen the situation.

Did you experience being called such things like these? If yes then you better make some changes in your life and the things that you do. don't let them make fun of you, it is better to have no moniker or alias at all than to have one but not to your liking.