March 02, 2016


People freezes when things are not going on their way. Hesitation starts to sink in, doubt is getting bigger and it seems that they don't know what to do even though they know it. They act like a child lost in a park even though they are adults that knows the way. They take the situation for granted and they let their minds keep them grounded.

What happens is FEAR is controlling you, it gets the best of you. You must know that you are scared in order for you to adjust your feelings. If you know that you are scared then you know that you need to relax and summon another feeling. You cannot remove fear but you can replace it with another feeling by thinking another thought, a thought that will empower you and make you move. A thought that will make your body loose and make you create good decisions.

If you don't move then you are already defeated, as simple as that. Winners became victorious when they move despite of being fearful. Winners are people that also have fear but they can overcome it. They know that fear is normal and there is nothing you can do to remove it permanently in your life.

Remind yourself that you must move, that is the only way. Action creates confidence, if you are not moving you are already losing. Movement will create momentum, it will destroy your fear little by little. Have a mindset that no matter how you feel you will still move and do what is necessary to succeed.

You will lose if you don't move, you will see your dreams taken away from you without any single fight. You will see other people eat you alive and they will be the one who will decide for your future. You will experience regrets and it will haunt you for the rest of your life. Move now because if you are moving you are already winning.