March 08, 2016


Don't be proud of the work that you haven't finish yet. Remember that a pending has no ending. You always keep your work hanging in the air that is why your progress is very slow and success cannot be attained.

You are always telling your friends that you have an idea, a big idea soon to be release that will WOW people, years have passed and your idea is still in pending. Is this an invention? is this some kind of a business that hasn't seen before? what is it? Nobody knows it because it is still in pending and will be in pending forever if you do not finish it.

Once you form a habit of delaying your work every now and then, you will never go far. It is because your will to win is very weak. Once you get tired while doing your work you will think about doing it tomorrow. Your tomorrow will be endless until you discover that you screwed up. Same results will happen to you over and over again. Your success is in pending, your progress is in pending, overall you are stuck in a mud.

The worse case scenario is there are people who were affected by your pending attitude. They are always waiting for your actions, they were hoping that you can get it done today because they already waited yesterday. They wait and wait and all you do is postpone and postpone. There were lives and businesses that were affected by your tomorrow-do-it attitude. You affect them negatively and they gain nothing from you.

Admit it, you feel bad about postponing works and over promising people. I know you feel bad about yourself and there are lots of stress running in your system. You feel bad then why don't you start your work and finish it? Finish it no mater what, if it is ugly who cares? if it is mediocre who cares? what matters is you finish what you started and you keep your words. A pending is a suffering that has no ending, your mind feels like it will explode, your body is frozen. You are very confused and doesn't know where to start. My advise is just begin, do something small and never stop until you are done.