March 10, 2016


If you are pursuing something like a managerial position, a place in politics or wanting to become a star then you must build a character and attitude that will bring you in that position. Pushing your way to the top is not easy but it is possible. Here are some things to remember to ensure that you will go to the position that you want:

1. Be Consistent - never be a submarine who only shows whenever you want to. Professional people loves professionalism. They will not hesitate to replace you if you have some issues in tardiness. Remember that you are climbing your way to the top so you cannot afford to make a little mistake. Always be consistent on whatever it is that you do, give your 100 percent everyday and never give a little lesser than that. Being consistent will build your reputation and they will trust you more than anybody else because they know you can deliver at any given time. Being consistent also builds a self image that gains respect and trust from others.

2. Bring something new on the table - People were always astonished by something new and modernness. If you want to gather a lot of attention then you should bring something new on the table, something that hasn't been seen or experienced before. That is why change is not permanent, people love new music, new gadgets, new style, new clothes, new food. People were addicted to discovery, they never settle for old. If you can show people that you are unique then congratulations! you have your ticket to the top. Never be a copy cat, always come original.

3. Be friendly -  admit it or not, you will meet people that you don't like but you can't fight with them even if they are saying bad things to you. Just ignore them. If you can't become friendly with everybody then just don't be a fighter. It is not that you cannot defend yourself but fighting with different people will stop you from being successful. Your focused will become distracted and time will be wasted. Your enemies will pull you down, they will back stab you and hurt you emotionally. If you have a silent war with somebody don't give it an attention. Stay focus, give them a fake smile if needed. A fake smile but inside of your head you are saying the praises: "your time will come when I get on top".

4. Double the hardwork - Hardwork cannot be ignored, hardwork is always rewarded, what more if your hardwork is doubled? It means the result will also be doubled or even tripled. If you work really really hard then you will become faster going to the top. Nobody in this world works super hard, if there is, you can count it on your fingers. If your hardwork is exceptional you will create an attraction to different promotions, opportunities, increase in salary because companies and big bosses will be afraid that you might leave them and look for a better place. Hardwork is your best ticket to the top don't be afraid to work hard, don't be afraid to get exhausted.

5. Be ready to fail - Let's be realistic here, if you are working hard, you are friendly and you are doing everything to arrive at the top you will still fail. You must accept failure and move on fast because if you can't accept failure then you will not continue your journey anymore. Accepting failure is part of the process, don't be hard on yourself and think of yourself as not deserving. Everyone can be deserving for as long as they put the work and they leave it all on the line. If you have a mindset that failure is normal then you will not be afraid to fail and you will try and try again until you reach the top.