March 15, 2016


Confidence is the number one ingredient to success. You can become super talented with good looks and intelligence but without it you will not dare to do mighty things. You will settle lesser than your capabilities and you will become very allergy to risks, challenges and other things that requires not only hardwork but also tremendous confidence. Some people were born with great confidence while others are not, the good news is you can develop your level of confidence and you can do it everyday. I just requires some effort and time but there is no way you can't achieve extreme confidence if you patiently develop it everyday. I have here some ways to achieve confidence and this will surely give you some. Do it everyday and your life will change dramatically.

1. Expose yourself to potential failures - winning will give you a lot of confidence but being not afraid to lose will give you more. The difference is if you are just getting your confidence through winning and looking good all the time what if you are already losing? You cannot win everyday and that is the reality. If winning is the only thing that gives you confidence then your confidence is not stable. It can go down very low if the losing streak is long, you might not get your confidence back again to the fullest because losing will make you depressed. If you will exposed yourself to potential failures then you will not be afraid of losing anymore. You will lose a lot of times and you will get accustomed to the negative feeling that you get from it. It is not that you are enjoying failure, it is just for you failing is just a small thing and cannot affect you so much. If you lose over and over again then you will not become afraid of losing anymore, you will dare to take risks and embrace any big challenge that is infront of you. You will not be afraid to take the blame, mockery and scrutiny when you fail because you already experienced it a thousand times before. The only option for you is winning because losing feels like it doesn't exist anymore.

2. Look for people who were worse than you - If you will look at your entire life and compare it to others you will see that there are lots of people who were worse than you and making it big time. I am not a big fan of comparing myself to others but this method really works in a weird way. Everytime I see someone who I know is weaker than me and doing it good I immediately get confident. It is because I know I am better than them and they are doing better than me, it simply means I can also do better.

If you are in a club and you were so afraid to approach pretty women, look around, not all the boys are handsome but some of them can talk to pretty women confidently. You too can do that, look for some ugly guys out there that can talk to women, appreciate that you look much better than them and then go for the kill, approach pretty women right away. If they can do it so as you. It is not that you get confidence from other people who were weaker than you, it is just putting in your mind that anyone in this world has the authority to try big things. Looks doesn't matter, talents doesn't matter. What matters is you try.

3. Never miss a day - This is the number once confidence harvester - CONSISTENCY. If you want to get confident at something then you should master it. Practice everyday, do what you can do to improve. Great athletes are confident not because they were good, it is because they practice everyday, they always knew what to do in any kind of situation, they knew they have the strength to compete because they prepare so much. If you are consistent in practicing for one thing, may it be in music, sports, public speaking, talking to people etc. you will feel superior and untouchable. It is because you already knew that you are going to succeed. That is what practice does, it puts in your mind in an auto pilot where everything seems so easy and fluid. Sometimes you will crumble but because you spend so much practicing you will remember how good you are in times of difficulty.