March 15, 2016


They say that you should believe yourself to succeed but this is not true, not all the times, there are some cases where you shouldn't believe yourself. There are some cases where disbelieving yourself is the right thing to do and it is the only way to make you successful. Our belief is in control of everything but you should be aware of what you are thinking and how you feel. You should know when to contradict your beliefs and go to the opposite way. There some cases where you shouldn't believe yourself, here are they:

1. When you are telling yourself that you cannot do it 

Of course you can do it, there is no way you can't. You're just telling it to yourself because you got overwhelmed by the challenges that you must overcome in order to win. You are stronger than what you think. Just conquer your fears and doubts about yourself, move despite of doubts and fears and you will be surprised at how far you've come. Take it step by step and erase the thoughts in your mind saying you couldn't do it. You think you couldn't do it because you are not focused on what you want. Just keep the dice rolling and slay the thoughts in your head that is telling you you cannot do it. Push yourself, if you feel that you are freezing and unable to move because of fear just move anyway. Drop any emotions, stay calm and be true to yourself.

2. When you're telling yourself that what you've got is not enough

What you you've got is enough. It doesn't matter if you feel that your preparation is not enough and you didn't prepare well. What matters is what will you do and if you will give your best at the moment. There is no point on turning back now because you will regret it the moment you do it. You are enough, your skills are enough. You have the right to challenge anybody or pursue any kind of dream. You are here in this world to get what you think is meant for you. Shut those thoughts that is playing in your head that you are not enough. Act like a grown man, focus on your strengths and the things that you can do. Show them what you've got! Forget if someone is better than you, stop looking at them instead look at yourself.

3. When you are telling yourself that it is over

Any journey will not be over until the one whose taking the journey gives up. Failing doesn't mean it is all over. You can start again anytime or anywhere you want. It is not over until you succeed. The word over is spoken by a quitter. Winners are movers, keep moving keep fighting. Pick yourself up after failing. Dust yourself off and prepare for a strong comeback. And one more thing always erase the past in your head, bury those bitter moments and start all over again. Continue what you've started finish like a man on a mission.