March 24, 2016



What most people don't know is that being rich has nothing to do with the money that someone is earning. They thought that if you are earning millions then you were already rich. NO, not all people who were earning a lot of money are truly rich. Being rich is not all about the quantity of money that you are earning, it has also have a lot of connections with your emotions. Looking rich is very different from feeling rich.

There are lots of people out there who were earning more than an average person but they still feel poor, why is it? It is because they have a lot of debts, they have a lot of car loans, liabilities etc. More than 70 percent of their salaries will go to the bank, bills etc once they get it. They feel like they are working just to pay their loans and bills. Yes they have a lot of gadgets, things, properties but sometimes they can just hold their money for just a few days then it is all gone. Their money is not growing, their bills are getting bigger. They are getting poorer everyday because they are spending more than they can earn.

There are some people who were earning small amount of money but feel rich. It is because they feel that their money is more than enough to support their basic needs. They knew how to manage their money and make it grow. They were very satisfied for what they are earning and they were continuously finding ways how to earn even more. They were growing their assets everyday and they were good in making decisions for their money. In other words they never waste money. They only buy the things that they need and not what will make them look rich. They have lesser liabilities and they were very comfortable with their situation unlike people who were earning a lot but is worrying that the bank might get their house or car one day if they cannot afford to pay it's monthly payment.

If you want to become rich you should feel rich. It is not that you will spend like a millionaire who have unlimited funds. You must spend your money wisely so you will feel abundance. If you feel that you are not lacking something then you are rich. It is not about how people feel about you, it is about how you feel at yourself. Being rich is having the ability to sleep at night without worrying about bills, foods and having a place to sleep for tomorrow. Being rich is feeling more with having less.
And you are the only one who can tell yourself if you are rich or not, you feel it. There are some people who have everything but they don't have a peace of mind, they still feel poor because all of their properties were in danger. They know that they might lose all their properties one day. In other words being rich is also feeling secured.

Once you feel that your money is growing everyday and you feel that you are in a very stable position then you are already rich. It doesn't matter how much money you have or how expensive your things are, it is about how do you really feel with the money in your pocket.

March 24, 2016



We can learn from anything or anyone. We can learn from either positive or negative, we just need to look deeper in the content of the subject and be more mindful about the situation. As the saying goes "perfect is boring". We can also learn and get benefits from negative people, we only need to look at it in a different way. We have to analyze deeply what will we get from them. I learn a lot from negative people, I also think that they are also needed in the community. Without the negative presence we cannot see the positive presence. Here are the benefits that we can get from negative people:

1. They gave you an idea of what you don't want to become - Because you've seen a lot of bad things from them, you know what will you look like if you behave like them. You will do the opposite of their behavior. You will not imitate their attitude and you will become more cautious of your actions. Their negativity will serve as a warning that if you behave like them and imitate all their words, actions etc. you will have a miserable life. You will know the things that you must avoid so you will be in the right path. You will see how ugly you will look like and how bad your situation will be if you will copy their actions and attitudes.

2. They give you more motivation - When you see someone whining and complaining about something that you think is doable you will become more motivated to prove him that he is wrong. You will get sick and tired of his negativity so you will work harder to shut his mouth and slap into his face that what he is complaining about is easier than what he thought. Their negativity will boost your motivation and sometimes you don't even know that they are the reason for your motivated mindset. They will make you angry sometimes that will force you to work even harder.

3. Sometimes their negativity is so funny - you don't know sometimes where are they getting their excuses. Sometimes you will just laugh at their negativity because you don't want to argue with them. Their logical reasoning is out of this world and you have no choice but to laugh at it or else you will be affected by their negativity. If you argue with them you will never win because these negative people are very good with reasoning and finding faults in every situation. The only option remaining for you is to laugh at their negativity and make fun out of it so your day will never get affected.

March 23, 2016



You think you are living your life? you think you are living life to the fullest? if you think so then good. many people nowadays are not living their lives, their lives was stolen from them. They thought that they were happy but deep inside they were lacking something. Deep inside they want something but they cannot get it because they think they don't have the capabilities to get it. They also thought that they were alright but the reality is not. Most people let their lives stolen from them by doing things that are not related to their lives or doing things that will not give them what they want. I know a few things how life can be stolen from you here are they:

1. You become a big fan of other person and not a big fan of yourself - this is crazy, you're like dancing into someone's tune. If you will become a big fan then why not become a big fan of yourself? It is ok to admire someone and become amazed at his/her talents or looks but you should admire yourself even more so you will become more. Focus your appreciation on yourself so you will have the motivation to improve yourself everyday. Appreciate your talents, your looks, traits and all the properties you have. You will truly enjoy life if you see yourself as a great person that can also do great things.

2. You help other people reach their dreams and not yours - It is ok to help other people reach their dreams but you have to prioritize yourself first. Look at some bread winners in their families that sacrifice their dreams in order to support their brothers or sisters. They stop studying and they start working so they can send their siblings to school. Their game plan was to make their siblings finish study first and then they will pursue their dreams. Did it happen? did they pursue their dreams after their siblings finish school? and do their siblings help them to get their own dreams? It is your duty to follow your own dreams and if you become big you can help others to reach theirs. If you don't pursue your dreams right away and if you give way to others the tendency is the time will pass you and you will lose your prime.

3. You hide your ideas - you keep your ideas in your cabinet. You never reveal it and the world didn't see it. When you grow old you will wonder what might happen if you exposed your ideas. Your ideas, even if it is the most ridiculous ideas in the world is still your ideas and it has a chance to become successful. You are killing yourself if you are holding your ideas for so long until it decayed itself. Your ideas will just remain ideas if you didn't act for its realization. You have a feeling of wanting to explode because you want to execute your ideas but you are stopping yourself. It is time to act, forget about failure, forget about humiliation, turn your ideas into reality.

March 23, 2016



The general rule is this: if you want to something for as long as it is positive and you think will not hurt anyone or affect anyone stop asking for a permission.

People already knew what to do, they already know the answer but they still ask for the permission of others if what they were thinking is right or what they were doing is the best thing. If someone is pursuing a dream or a business, he will ask people if his decision is right then this people who knows everything will go against his ideas and they will act like they know everything. So what the person who is dreaming will do is hold his ideas and never begin. He will believe the people who brainwashed him because he doesn't want to get criticized. When he grew old he will realized how stupid he was before because he believe those people who were stopping him from dreaming.

A student who knows the uncommon question of a professor will still ask his seatmate that he thinks is smarter than him if his answer is right. Deep inside he knows that he is right but he is so hesitant to raise his hand because he is so afraid that his classmates will laugh at him if his answer is wrong. What is wrong with this student? he already knew the answer but he still wants other people to approve him. It only means he is giving more value to what other people will say than to his own glory.

Another scenario: A man who wants to buy a car but kept asking his friends in social media what type of car is good, is it manual or automatic? Damn if you knew what you want then you don't have to ask for people which is better. Every choice is a right choice for as long as it gives you good feelings and it makes you proud. Stop asking people because they will pretend that they know everything, they will confused you and make you look like stupid by acting like they were very smart.

If you already know the answer, if you know what you want then stop asking for permission from others, throw away the permission card. Give yourself the authority to decide for yourself. If you were wrong so what? you are just a human. The more wrong thing is you hold yourself back and you din't claim what is rightfully yours.

March 23, 2016



They say success is determined by your daily habits so if you have good habits you are sure to become successful and if you have bad habits you know that you will fail you are just denying it. Habits can be developed by consistently doing an activity everyday. The longer and consistent you do an activity the stronger the habit will become. So if you are watching TV for five straight hours for one month, that habit will become very strong and its very hard to get rid of it. That is why there are lots of obese people who wants to become fit but they can't do it. They thought that some kind of a 3 minute abs, magic pills or high priced equipment can help them. You can have all the things that can make you fit but if there is no habit of doing it then those things are completely meaningless.

Now, if you want to have a better life. If you want to improve your financial status, health or looks then you must develop a habit of making those things happen. But what if you don't have time developing good habits because your time were almost consumed by your old habits that is not helping you? You should develop a habit inside a habit, what do I mean by this? While you are doing your present habit you should also develop a habit on the same time of doing that old habit. It is like over writing your old bad habit with new and good ones.

For example, you are watching television for 3 hours a day and you really can't stop doing it because you've done it everyday for 3 years so it is technically part of your daily life. What you need to do is think of something that you wanted to do, like a skill to develop or a passion that you want to pursue. If you want to make your body better then do some easy exercises while watching TV. You can do jumping jacks, situps, running in place etc. while watching TV. The good thing here is you will not get bored doing exercise because you are watching the programs that you love, time will fly so fast.

If you have a bad habit of spending too much time on social media, let's say you squander 4 hours a day. You can also build a habit inside that bad habit, do something that can sneak in while squandering your time in social media. It can be something that can earn money online. There are thousands of money making technique online such as clicking something, answering surveys etc.You can do it while having chat with your friends or guarding the likes of your posts. It is easy to mix something with your time in social media because it is not that important.

Developing a habit inside a habit is fun, you can do your old habits but at the same time you are also doing something positive in your life. Another good thing about it is the good habit can override the bad habit once you see results that is contributing to your life. You may get rid the old habit permanently and focus on the good one.

March 22, 2016



Rejection is an event that hurts a lot of people. It breaks some weak hearts and destroy lives of people who don't understand that rejection is just part of the game.  Without rejection people will not think about what they want, they will just accept what is offered infront of them. Rejection happens when one's requirements is not met. Any one can reject and anyone can be rejected, there is no one immune to rejection. Even the biggest stars and most influential people has experienced rejection.

Don't ever forget that you also have the power to reject even if you are not rich, powerful nor has a high position in the community. Rejection is a choice, it has nothing to do with your status in life. Sometimes you have to use rejection to put your life in a better position. Harden your heart and reject people if needed, don't be afraid to reject someone and think that you are being mean or something.

Reject your clients if needed, just because your clients are giving you money to support your daily needs doesn't mean you don't have the right to reject them. If your clients is too much of a pain in your ass then reject them. Don't be afraid that you cannot find another good client. If your clients are not healthy to you and is eating too much your time then reject them. Think of yourself first before thinking others. It is you that is working, you should take care of yourself and not your clients.

Reject your friends, If you have some friends that are not good influence to you and is not healthy to your life reject them. No second thoughts no pity party just reject. Some friends are pretending to be your friends if they needed something from you. If you don't want to be used then reject them cold bloodedly. No second thoughts, no emotions just do it. You can reject them by ignoring them or you can always say no whenever they ask something from you, they will notice it as the time goes by and they will be the one who will stay away from you because they feel that you don't like them anymore.

Reject low offers, some abusive companies, contractors or anything that offers money will give you low offers, something that you don't deserve. Have the ability to reject it. If you think that you deserve more then ask for more, if they cannot give it then reject them. You should know your value, your price because you know what kind of service you can give. It is not that you are turning down a blessing, you are just asking what you know is right for you and is congruent to your skills and services that you can offer. If you know that you deserve more big money then reject low offers and ask for bigger ones.

Reject bad love, Most people thought that they already found the one they are looking for so even though their partner is abusing them and treating them no respect they still don't want to leave their partners. They always believe that someday their partners will change, they always believe that their partners will realize their value. Years have passed and their partners are getting worse, they also lost respect for themselves because their abusive partners were making their self confidence go down. If they will only learn how to reject their partners who asked forgiveness after committing a terrible mistake then they will become free and live a better life. They must accept the pain for leaving their partners and learn how to heal their pain everyday so they can find the real person meant for them.

People are afraid to reject someone or something because they always thought that those things/people are very valuable and they cannot find a replacement. This is a terrible mistake, you should always think that if one thing/person is not good for you then you can find a better replacement. A replacement that will make you happier and feel more alive.

March 21, 2016


Even if it seems there is no way you can make it you still need to take a chance, you don't know what might happen. The cards may not be in your control but if you believe that trying is the only best thing remaining then you should have faith that a poor circumstance can give you a chance.

If you know that you are not qualified for the job because you are over age and you are undergraduate you still need to take a chance. You don't know if the company is badly in need of workers on that day so they will not be strict in hiring. You don't know if they have a rush project to finish this month and they really need someone to help them so they don't have time to become choosy in applicants. If you don't apply, one day you will hear someone who is hired but has poorer credentials than you and you will regret that you didn't try.

If you know you the girl doesn't like you because she have high standards when it comes to choosing guys that she wants to date you still need to take a chance to ask her. You don't know if you have at least one quality that sparks her emotions, maybe she has high standards but every woman can be conquered once the right words and right actions are executed properly. If you didn't ask, one day you will see someone who looks uglier than you but is holding the hands of the woman that you love. You will wonder if you only take the chance then you might be the one whose giving her hugs and kisses.

Life is a matter of taking chances even though you feel you don't deserve. The word deserving is not real, everyone is deserving to dream and get what he wants. Deserving comes from the way you are feeling. If you feel you don't deserve then you won't have a chance but if you feel you do then most of the time you will succeed. Taking a chance is free, there is no payment needed, there is no requirements to be followed. And the beauty of taking chances is you can take it as many as you want.

But be careful because taking chances has timeline, once you see an opportunity you must take it and grab it like it's the only chance you have because someone may take it from you, someone whose faster and more decisive will get the better chance of winning. If you don't take your chances right away some things might happen, some unexpected events may occur that is not in favor of you and your chances might go away. So the moral lesson here is stop hesitating and start moving, stop over thinking because it will freeze you, take your chances once you see it, give your best and never look back. There is no harm in trying but there are lots of regrets in passing.

March 18, 2016


Failing is really hard to endure, it is like a bitter pill to swallow. There will be some days where you can't sleep because that failure is always in your head. You are thinking about what went wrong or what did you miss. Sometimes you don't want to wake up when you fall asleep. But when you woke up you are thinking if you will try again or you will do something else. It is like you're between a rock and a hard place. You were so confused and you don't know what to do anymore. It is ok because that is what failure does to everybody. It will break your heart and make you a little bit insane. What most of you don't know is failure is the secret to success. Failing doesn't means you really fail, it simply means you still need to learn something.

But some people are already immune to failing. They fail over and over again and hasn't succeeded yet just for once. I don't know if they were already enjoying it and it becomes a part of their lives. I feel sad for them because they already knew that they will fail but they aim for the same thing every time they try. They aim too small and yet they still fail. They think that aiming for small things will make them succeed because it is easier, but what if aiming for small things still cannot make them succeed? What if aiming for small things and failing repeatedly is already destroying their lives?

The best thing to do is GO BIG! aim for big things. You already failed for a million times and failing is very familiar to you. So instead of failing for small things why not fail for big things? There is no difference here, you still fail no matter how big or small your goal is so just take the failure to the next level.

Instead of being rejected multiple times in applying for a normal position why not apply for a position with larger salary? You have nothing to lose here, you were already rejected before in a lower level so why not take the rejection to newer heights? Don't ever think that you don't have the right to try big things because you can't even make the small things. Again were not talking about succeeding here, we are talking about rejection and failing. You don't feel anything about being rejected anymore so don't ever differentiate what is big or small again, ever! Fail in small things or big things, it doesn't matter.

The reason why you should choose big things is because later you will succeed, that is guaranteed. Those who keep on trying and never get tired of failing will succeed in the end. So if you are failing over and over again for small things you will succeed in the end and get that small thing that you want. If you are failing over and over again aiming for big things you will succeed in the end and get that big thing. Many people think that they should aim for small things first because it easier to succeed. This is a big mistake. Success is not choosing any size of dream, you will still fail no matter what size of your dream is. Big or small, you will still fail, accept it or not. So it is better to pursue a bigger dream because you will still succeed in the end no matter what.

March 17, 2016


Are you waiting for something? What are you waiting? what are you expecting? and what are you doing while waiting? The real and perfect way of waiting is waiting like a spider. You are setting a trap while waiting, you know once you see what are you waiting you can get it. In other words you are waiting for a kill. You don't wait like hoping, you are waiting but you are preparing.

A spider sets trap for his prey, a trap that nothing can escape. Once you fall into its trap, goodbye to you, see you in the next life. Your blood will be sucked, nothing will be left to you.

That is how your mindset should be, that's how you should approach when you are waiting for something. You are prepared, you are ruthless and you are ready to win. For example you are waiting for a job interview, you are waiting it for how many weeks. While waiting for it you should prepare your game plan, you should do some research about the company that sets you an interview. You should increase your knowledge and do whatever it takes to become confident and deserving for the job.

Some people are waiting but rusting themselves. They just wait and hope so when the opportunity comes... they fall short because they were not prepared. They were even too scared to take the opportunity. In other words, they don't want it bad enough.

See what happens on UFC 196  when Rafael Dos Anjos pulls out of the fight because of foot injury. A lot of fighters were given a chance to replace him and fight Conor "The Notorious" Mc Gregor. But what those fighters do? they pass. It is because they were not prepared. There are still 11 days remaining to prepare but they were too scared. All of them were rooting for Mc Gregor because they will get a lot of money and popularity by fighting him but most of them pass. Their excuse is... they were not prepared, the time table for training is too short. In other words... they were just scared. They were waiting for that opportunity to come and even begging Dana White to fight Conor but when the opportunity was presented to them, they let it escape.

Good thing there is one brave guy name Nate Diaz, he also wants to fight Conor and when the opportunity knocks on his door, he grab it. He answered yes immediately. Even though there were lots of media obligations like press conference and interviews he still accepts the fight and won. People asked him if he was truly prepared for the fight and if he was in good condition, he answered yes because he said that he was training almost everyday.

Be like Nate, even though there is no fight scheduled he is still preparing and doing what he loves to do that is why he is not scared to take the fight in a very short notice. That is what waiting like a spider is. You have to stay sharp everyday because you don't know when will the opportunity knock on your door, you don't have to get ready because you were always ready.

March 17, 2016


there is no other way but up

If you were badly beaten and you lose big time what is the next move? If your business is not doing well and you're almost bankrupt where will you go? If no on trusts you anymore and there is a little doubt building inside of your head about whether can you still make it or not, are you gonna feed that doubt and make it a reality? Are you gonna cry and whine like a baby who was left by his mom? Will you become paralyzed like other losers that didn't come back to the game and remain a loser forever?

If you feel like a loser already and it seems like the sky has closed its light to you then you should be happy. If you feel like you already hit the rock bottom and the world is on your shoulders then you should be happy and rejoice. Why? because you are on the perfect place to start. You can have a new beginning. Forget all the leftovers from the past, forget everything, just start now and climb your way to the top again. Do the necessary steps, build positive habits.

There is no other way but to go up because you were already on the lowest level. The pressure for succeeding cannot be felt anymore because you already failed and the only option remaining is to succeed. You can't go nowhere, you can't go left or right and mostly you can't go down. Going up is the only direction remaining, no more pressure to you because that path is already laid out. Pack up your bags and start your journey to the top.

What else can you lose? nothing is left to you. You lost your money, you lost the game, you lost your dignity. All you have is yourself, all you have is the fight remaining inside of your heart. There is no other way but up, if you want to go down you can't because you are already on the lowest level like I said. You were already embarrassed, humiliated, criticized, mocked and belittled. There is no more negative feeling waiting to be felt. You are like a defeated warrior who can't feel anything anymore. You were already free from losing, they labeled you as a loser so winning is the next label for you. Not a draw, not a loser again but a winner. A winner who fights, a winner who is more motivated. hungrier and has only one thing on his mind, and that is to succeed.

You were so lucky because every movement you make is correct. Every single step is moving you towards success. You already made a millions of mistakes so you cannot make another one anymore. You no longer recognize what is right or wrong, all you know is you need to make it. You need to avenge your defeat. You were already invincible. The greatest thing is you can try as much as you want. You're such a lucky guy!

March 16, 2016

EXTREMISM (a poem)

While everyone says they're on fire, I am already an arsonist
While they're working hard I am only warming up
They say success is a grind I say success is will make you blind
You can double your effort but I can clean the largest airport

If you can dominate I am here to eradicate
If they can lose a million times I can lose everyday
What is the point of trying if your mindset is not about winning?
What is the point of winning if you are afraid of repeating?

If you can become a wolf I can become Hitler Adolf
You can catch the fastest mice, I can kill a cyclops with two eyes
They don't care about warning, I don't care about dying
If you can take rejection I can take discrimination

I am not comparing I am just practicing truth telling
You say you go hard, if you see my hard you will look like a bastard
If you can start I can finish
If you can smile in pain I can celebrate in vain

If you can walk while feeling weak, I can run while feeling sick
If the sitaution becomes harder that's the time I become stronger
No one can put me down I will make them look like a clown
If riot is their game war is my name

If you can take the blame I can take the shame
Somebody is standing on a motorcycle I am dancing on a space shuttle
Everyone can use their creativity, I always use my insanity
While some of them needs motivation I am already killing procrastination

Everyone wants to be on history, I am the one who writes my destiny
If you can catch a killer I can cage a tiger
I can do better than the others because I work harder like a hustler
If there are questions from doubters I can double the numbers

March 16, 2016


Sometimes we think that what we are doing has no effect. We think that all of the hardwork, all of the sacrifices will lead to nothing especially if we can't see the results yet. This is the biggest problem the most people are facing...they lack patience. They want immediate results, instant rewards and gratification. They want progress for the little effort that they exerted. They feel scarcity when they don't see results and stop immediately when they did not get what they want that they are expecting for a very short period of time.

What people don't know is any movement will initiate an improvement, yes any movement may it be a small or big movement can change your current situation.

If you want to change your body and you don't know what to do just move, do something. Just walk or jump or run or even crawl, anything that will make you sweat just do it. Forget about the facts just keep moving, it doesn't matter if you can't see improvement yet what matters is you are going towards the direction of your goal.

If you are planning to work on abroad but you don't have any money for the fixing of papers, just do what you can do. Save a little money each day, work on your passport, work on your visa, ask for the requirements, ask for any vacant job. Just produce any movement. It doesn't matter if the move that you execute looks like useless or not, what matters is you are doing something that will move you a little inch towards your dreams. Even if it is just asking what should be the age limit of the job applicant do it. Even if it is giving a little gift to the person who will process your papers just do it. Anything that will change your situation a little bit, do it.

If you are dreaming to become the supervisor of the company you are working, all you have to do is make any movement too. Start by impressing your boss, working double hard. Outworked your co-employees. Dress like a supervisor sometimes, have lunch with your boss. Present yourself to handle big projects, act like a team leader. There is nothing wrong with acting like as if you have it already. There is nothing wrong with feeling like a supervisor. What matters is what you think and not what they think. Any movement will initiate an improvement, keep this in mind. You may look stupid sometimes but the point here is you are knocking at the door of your dreams. You are producing something, you are showing the world that you want it.

Just move and don't be shy about any movement that you execute. It is better to keep moving and working than to stagnate and keep wondering. Results will show itself in the end. Your focus should be on movement and improvement. he more you move the more closer you get to your destination.

March 16, 2016


Have you ever seen a man who pursue his goal and never stop until he is dead? There are only few people who can do that because most people after working on their goals for so many years and feel that they cannot do it anymore will stop. The will believe that their goal is not for them, they will believe that it is really impossible to do it. What really happens is they got tired of working and waiting, they want to take a rest and they are ok with living life with regrets. They will just fool themselves and think that they did their best. They are convincing themselves that they already accepted failing and quitting but deep inside of their hearts they are still thinking what if they continue.

There are no goals that are not achievable, there is no  impossible, there is only long journey. Your journey may take longer than others but it is still doable. Let's talk about money, for example you want a million bucks, do you think you can do it? Of course yes, it is easy, if you will just save 25 thousand bucks a year which is really possible then you will have that one million bucks in 40 years. It may took so long but it is still doable. That is why you should look for other ways to achieve your goals faster, that is why you have to work harder and smarter to avoid waiting for 40 years.

Some people are dead tired waiting for their goals to happen. They cannot take the burden anymore so they quit, they do not know that they were only one step behind from their goals. PATIENCE is INTELLIGENCE. If results aren't showing you have to keep on hammering, you have to keep on pounding. Make your goals quit not you. make your goals sick and tired of hiding so it will give up and embrace you with open arms.

Some athletes were sick and tired of waiting for their first championship that is why they ask for a trade. They go to a stronger team not knowing that they were only going back to zero. They do not know that staying on your original team and committing to the journey is better than moving to a different team and hoping that other people can bring them a championship. Look at Dwight Howard known as the "Dwama" he is not patient to wait for a championship in Orlando Magic, he go to different teams, he became the second best player which he doesn't like on those teams, now he is getting older and doesn't know what to do anymore. If he only stays at orlando magic then his career maybe is much better than what it is now. He may not have a championship yet but I am sure he will get it if he truly commits. Some athletes retire at the age of 39 or even less. They though that they were too old enough to get a championship. If they will just wait a little longer then maybe eventually they will succeed. Nobody knows what will happen if you keep going, you may be tired, you may be battered up but those sacrifices will be washed away once you get there.

Lack of patience is the number one problem of people who were dreaming big. They want to make it happen right away. The more you force things the more you won't get it. All you need to do is keep pushing everyday, rest if you must but don't ever quit. Pursuing a goal is a journey, it may seems endless and impossible but it is truly possible.

March 15, 2016


If you really want to make the best out of your life, if you really want to know your purpose, if you really want to know what are your capabilities and if you want to reach your prime then you need to have a life. What do I mean by this? You have to have something that you are doing everyday. You have to have something that you dedicate your life to. Something that even though you repeat doing over and over again will never make you tired, your passion will never burn out and it is really a part of your life. It is ingrain in your system, you can't stand a day without doing it.

Your life can be about anything or anyone. It can be your work, your hobby, about your love ones etc. Anything that makes you excited everyday, anything that gives your life a sense of purpose.

Some people dedicated their lives to their children, they work hard everyday to make sure their children will have a bright future, have a nice clothes and delicious foods to eat. Not necessarily a rich life but a pretty decent life. They were forced to become better individuals because they do not live their lives for themselves anymore, they live it for their children. They have a mindset that if they will not become at their best then their children will not get the best. It is ok to live this way because you have a direction, you are holding something that will force you to action. That is why there are some people who were not doing good when they were still young or just a teenagers but when they come to the point where they have a children to feed, they suddenly change. It is because they feel they have a new life and they feel a sense of urgency to make a move or else their children will get hungry.

There are some people who dedicated their lives to art. Everyday they are doing their passion, it becomes their lives. Even though there were no people watching them or appreciating them they still do their thing. It becomes their obsession, money has nothing to do with what they are doing. They just love what they do and they strive to become better everyday. They expressed what they feel through art, they never stop because stopping what they are doing means death to them. They feel happiness that cannot be measured by anyone when they are doing their arts. And even though there is only little money coming in they were still happy doing what they love.

Some people dedicated their lives to sports. Even though their bodies were always bruised and tired they still do it. Even though they were always losing they still continue. There is some kind of a burning desire for doing the sports they love. For them sports is not a game anymore, it is more of a lifestyle, they cannot live without it. They keep pushing, competing and enduring the pain emotionally and physically.

That is why it is good to have a life, you will have a reason to wake up everyday. You have a reason to keep getting better everyday. You don't just live like eating and sleeping, you live with a purpose and love for life. You feel energized when you are tired, you feel awakened when you are sleepy. You feel you can do the most impossible things for that life.

You can dedicate your life to anything or anyone that will make you feel life is worth living. It is up to you, for as long as you feel love and happy doing it then go for it.

March 15, 2016


They say that you should believe yourself to succeed but this is not true, not all the times, there are some cases where you shouldn't believe yourself. There are some cases where disbelieving yourself is the right thing to do and it is the only way to make you successful. Our belief is in control of everything but you should be aware of what you are thinking and how you feel. You should know when to contradict your beliefs and go to the opposite way. There some cases where you shouldn't believe yourself, here are they:

1. When you are telling yourself that you cannot do it 

Of course you can do it, there is no way you can't. You're just telling it to yourself because you got overwhelmed by the challenges that you must overcome in order to win. You are stronger than what you think. Just conquer your fears and doubts about yourself, move despite of doubts and fears and you will be surprised at how far you've come. Take it step by step and erase the thoughts in your mind saying you couldn't do it. You think you couldn't do it because you are not focused on what you want. Just keep the dice rolling and slay the thoughts in your head that is telling you you cannot do it. Push yourself, if you feel that you are freezing and unable to move because of fear just move anyway. Drop any emotions, stay calm and be true to yourself.

2. When you're telling yourself that what you've got is not enough

What you you've got is enough. It doesn't matter if you feel that your preparation is not enough and you didn't prepare well. What matters is what will you do and if you will give your best at the moment. There is no point on turning back now because you will regret it the moment you do it. You are enough, your skills are enough. You have the right to challenge anybody or pursue any kind of dream. You are here in this world to get what you think is meant for you. Shut those thoughts that is playing in your head that you are not enough. Act like a grown man, focus on your strengths and the things that you can do. Show them what you've got! Forget if someone is better than you, stop looking at them instead look at yourself.

3. When you are telling yourself that it is over

Any journey will not be over until the one whose taking the journey gives up. Failing doesn't mean it is all over. You can start again anytime or anywhere you want. It is not over until you succeed. The word over is spoken by a quitter. Winners are movers, keep moving keep fighting. Pick yourself up after failing. Dust yourself off and prepare for a strong comeback. And one more thing always erase the past in your head, bury those bitter moments and start all over again. Continue what you've started finish like a man on a mission.

March 15, 2016


Confidence is the number one ingredient to success. You can become super talented with good looks and intelligence but without it you will not dare to do mighty things. You will settle lesser than your capabilities and you will become very allergy to risks, challenges and other things that requires not only hardwork but also tremendous confidence. Some people were born with great confidence while others are not, the good news is you can develop your level of confidence and you can do it everyday. I just requires some effort and time but there is no way you can't achieve extreme confidence if you patiently develop it everyday. I have here some ways to achieve confidence and this will surely give you some. Do it everyday and your life will change dramatically.

1. Expose yourself to potential failures - winning will give you a lot of confidence but being not afraid to lose will give you more. The difference is if you are just getting your confidence through winning and looking good all the time what if you are already losing? You cannot win everyday and that is the reality. If winning is the only thing that gives you confidence then your confidence is not stable. It can go down very low if the losing streak is long, you might not get your confidence back again to the fullest because losing will make you depressed. If you will exposed yourself to potential failures then you will not be afraid of losing anymore. You will lose a lot of times and you will get accustomed to the negative feeling that you get from it. It is not that you are enjoying failure, it is just for you failing is just a small thing and cannot affect you so much. If you lose over and over again then you will not become afraid of losing anymore, you will dare to take risks and embrace any big challenge that is infront of you. You will not be afraid to take the blame, mockery and scrutiny when you fail because you already experienced it a thousand times before. The only option for you is winning because losing feels like it doesn't exist anymore.

2. Look for people who were worse than you - If you will look at your entire life and compare it to others you will see that there are lots of people who were worse than you and making it big time. I am not a big fan of comparing myself to others but this method really works in a weird way. Everytime I see someone who I know is weaker than me and doing it good I immediately get confident. It is because I know I am better than them and they are doing better than me, it simply means I can also do better.

If you are in a club and you were so afraid to approach pretty women, look around, not all the boys are handsome but some of them can talk to pretty women confidently. You too can do that, look for some ugly guys out there that can talk to women, appreciate that you look much better than them and then go for the kill, approach pretty women right away. If they can do it so as you. It is not that you get confidence from other people who were weaker than you, it is just putting in your mind that anyone in this world has the authority to try big things. Looks doesn't matter, talents doesn't matter. What matters is you try.

3. Never miss a day - This is the number once confidence harvester - CONSISTENCY. If you want to get confident at something then you should master it. Practice everyday, do what you can do to improve. Great athletes are confident not because they were good, it is because they practice everyday, they always knew what to do in any kind of situation, they knew they have the strength to compete because they prepare so much. If you are consistent in practicing for one thing, may it be in music, sports, public speaking, talking to people etc. you will feel superior and untouchable. It is because you already knew that you are going to succeed. That is what practice does, it puts in your mind in an auto pilot where everything seems so easy and fluid. Sometimes you will crumble but because you spend so much practicing you will remember how good you are in times of difficulty.

March 14, 2016


Did it come to a point in your life where you have to choose between two things?. The other is a safer route where you already know what you will get, there is lesser pressure and lesser adjustments needed. In short words no stress. You know the exact amount of money that will come, you know you can live without worrying for tomorrow, you know you will have a stable job, you know people won't criticize you and you will create lesser insecurities but... you also know that there is no bigger rewards waiting, all you have is security but later the security will become a misery. Misery why? because you will still search for something big, you will think everyday what if you take the more dangerous road. You are little bit regretful because somewhere in your heart, you feel like you can do better.

The other route is more dangerous, you do not know what will happen. Fear is really making its presence and you know if you fail you are totally screwed up. There is a lot of things on the line. Your family might get hungry, your wife might get angry. There is no stability and what you can see is adversity. This route is not taken by many because success is not guaranteed and everyday you are required to bleed. You will wonder if this route is really worth taking because its success rate is less than 50 percent. You don't know what is waiting for you so it is irrational to take this route. Some people might even call you crazy because they do not see what you see on this route. In summary this route was taken by the crazy ones and those who are not familiar with the word "reality". But... this route is the only way to take your life into another stratosphere. It maybe a very painful, hard and scary route but it promises big time rewards and unthinkable prizes. You might work double hard if you take this route and the results might take longer than expected but the great thing about this route is you will never regret taking it. You will know your capabilities and you will become too much of a person.

My advise is choose mystery over security. Take the more dangerous road but has greater rewards. Anyone can become a good person, study hard and follow the norms but not anyone can follow his heart, take risks and become great. Not anyone can embrace fear and move despite feeling it. You can only become free if you choose the path less traveled. Yes it is dangerous, yes you do not know what is waiting for you but if you keep believing that something will happen, if you keep on working hard while taking that route then you will succeed in the end. Only the choice with greater risks will produce greater rewards. And even if you fail, you can become proud of yourself and tell everyone that you did it your way.

March 14, 2016


Everyone has a hobby, it can be about sports, video games, music, poetry, article writing or any stuff that you want. A hobby is something that makes your time fly away without noticing that you already spend so much hours doing your hobby. It speeds your time, it takes away your boredom and sometimes it makes you feel like you have your own world and you don't know when to stop. You feel happy, you're on a blissful state. Everything feels easy to you.

Sometimes a hobby can become very addictive and destructive if you will not control yourself and let your hobby control you. If you get carried away with your hobby too much then you will have a problem. You will lose balance and all of you time will be eaten by your hobby. That is why there are lots of kids out there who fail in their study, they spend too much time on video games and watching TV, they forget how to do their assignments and study their lessons. That is why there were also broken marriage, some guys become addicted to alcohol and make it as their hobby. They forget how to treat their wives right and make the right decisions for their children. Alcohol becomes their bestfriend and for them the solution for all of their problems is alcohol.

As a blogger about self revolution for 7 years I developed a hobby that for me is the coolest hobby. It takes away my stress, I feel fulfilled, I feel successful and I feel that I am growing while doing this hobby. This hobby is called "Set and Destroy". I set a task, destroy the feeling that is stopping me from doing that task and then finish. It is very simple, I just look for a task that is the most important for me, if not the most important maybe the most valuable or the most attractive task. It can be washing the dishes, writing an article, making graphics, cleaning my shoe, etc.

As a human being we tend to procrastinate and let our tasks hanging in the air. We keep on doing this until it becomes a habit that is very hard to get rid of. What I do in "Set and Destroy" hobby is everytime I feel I wanted to do the task later, I always destroy the feeling that is stopping me from doing that task. For example I am supposed to wash the dishes but I am craving for watching the television first and watch my favorite show. I destroy that craving by turning off the television or taking my eyes away from the television. Once I finish washing the dishes then that is the only time that I will go back watching my favorite show. It may be hard to do at the beginning but once you mastered it you will experienced great benefits.

Another example is I am writing an article, in writing an article there will be so may distractions like checking emails, checking messages from facebook, watching you tubes etc. To destroy this distractions I will close all the websites that are distracting me from finishing an article. The feeling of interest about this things is destroyed so I can now focus on my article writing. The secret in this hobby is set the task first, you can't be just doing any task that you feel. You should know what is the task that you need to do and then keep guarding your emotions, keep guarding your behavior, know what distracts you and kill it instantly.

March 14, 2016


The one thing that you must not really do is apologizing for taking a shot. Taking a shot, taking a risk, taking a chance that will make people angry is not bad. It means you are living your life and you are really serious about bagging your dreams. It means you are celebrating your life and thanking God that you are free to do whatever you want for as long as you are not hurting anybody.

I don't know why there are lots of people who go crazy and insecure if they see someone who is making a loud noise by pursuing his dreams. Maybe they see something form that guy that they cannot see on themselves. Maybe they don't want someone to succeed because they cannot succeed by themselves.

If you were in a situation where your team is down by 2 pts in a basketball game, you are not the star player but you are open. The last play was not intended for you, what will you do? are you going to give the ball to the star player or are you going to take the shot? If you miss of course the coach will get mad at you but if you take the shot and make it...boom your status in your team will go into another level. You might have more playing time or you can dethrone your team's star player and be the new one. Those are the things that may happen if you take risk.

If there is a situation in your working environment where your team leader is getting sick and there is a need for a temporary team leader don't be afraid to own the job and become the leader. Act as if you are the real leader and not an interim one. Do your best and lead your team, never mind if someone thinks that you are arrogant and wannabe. Don't apologize for doing the right thing for your team and for your ambition. Just be yourself and don't be afraid to get scrutinized. It is normal that you will hear some ugly reactions from the people around you because they were just jealous. They were jealous but they cannot admit it, they were so afraid to make actions and take the responsibility and they saw the courage in you that they don't have that is why they were so jealous.

Whatever action you do or decision you make, if it is about your dreams and making your life better then it is correct. What makes it wrong is if you doubt it and didn't follow through. Stop apologizing for your ideas, stop being humble but of course don't become arrogant. It is not your fault if other people were too much of a pussy and cannot take responsibility, they cannot blame you for taking risk and following your dreams. Taking chances to shine is not a sin neither a form of arrogance. You just know what is the meaning of real life and you are not wasting it. You know you will not live forever so you are devouring every opportunity that you see. Forget about what will they say, if they cannot do something about their situations you don't give a damn about their opinions.

March 13, 2016


When you are in a room full of people, lets say imagine going back to your college days (first day of class) If your professor asks all of you "who is confident in this room?" I bet only few students will raise their hands. it is because they are afraid of what others think. They are afraid that they are going to get judged. They are also afraid that their professor might give them the next question that is difficult, something that they did not tackled yet. Something that may embarrassed them infront of other people.

Unshakable confidence is a confidence that doesn't care about failure or humiliation. People who have this type of confidence are the ones who take risks and succeeded big time. They do not care about how difficult the challenge is, all they care about is winning and putting them in a position where they can learn more and get more.

People who possesses unshakable confidence are people who have purpose and goals in life. For them what matters is their goals and nothing more than that so if something happens outside of their goals, it is like a little toy that has no value in their life. People with unshakable confidence doesn't know if they are looking stupid or making themselves look weird, it is because they know who they are and they do not need to prove it to other people, they do not please other people. They have their own identity and they live with it.

Unshakable confidence applies to people who doesn't need it. Some people, if they don't feel like they do not have the confidence to do something then they won't do it, they wouldn't even try. People who possesses unshakable confidence doesn't need to feel great to try, they just do it, they move despite of not feeling confident at all then their confidence will build up naturally while they are moving. In other words, they do not need confidence at all, confidence needs them. Confidence needs them to show people that there is such thing as confidence and it can be seen on people who were doing risky things.

If you want to have unshakable confidence you must not look for it because it will come by itself, you must have goals and values and you should be true to yourself so you will not care about what people say. You have this one straight line in your mind and it is the only thing that you will follow, that line is your journey, a journey that you yourself created the blueprint without influences from other people. A blueprint that will not change no matter how big the embarrassment, critic and backstabbing you get from other people. You just do what you feel like doing and you don't care about the output or result. You don't need permission from other people because you give yourself a permission to shine, be the spotlight and steal the show. You express yourself at its boldest and natural way as possible.

March 13, 2016


Struggling but fighting is way better than just waiting and watching. Kings are the ones who struggles but they are also finding a way how to turn around the situation. It is ok to struggle, I think no successful man didn't struggle before becoming successful. It is just a matter of hanging on until the struggle ends. Every adversity has an ending so don't ever think that your situation will never change. You will only struggle forever if you didn't fight and do something about it..

You will laugh at every hit thrown at you, you will endure the bitterness of failing time and time again because you know it's just a matter of time before you become successful. You should fall in love in fighting the struggle because that is the only way how to do it, that is the only way how to avoid quitting. You may not have what you want for the moment but if you keep on fighting then it will show up on the right timing.

There will be times in your life where you will struggle for unknown reason even if you do all the necessary things to have a better life. Sometimes you will say "why is this happening to me?" but you don't have the right to question life. Life can throw any circumstances at you because it has the power to do it. Sometimes life is just joking or it is just testing you if you really can handle anything. All you need to do is survive for the moment, fight for your existence and see what happens on the coming days.

If you will not fight then prepare to get the things that circumstances and people will give to you. Those things that you have no choice to accept because you didn't fight. It can be ugly things, ugly situation, you are lucky if they give you something more than you deserve. I think it is a duty of every people in the world to fight for what they want even if the fight is really hard and impossible to win. It is the only way to avoid regret in the end.

Always feel happy when you are struggling, it is difficult to do but struggle will end faster if you feel good about it. Struggling is the bridge to winning. It is not something that will stay forever, it is here to make you stronger.

March 13, 2016


Everything is changing everyday and you have to face it. You can't cling on to something forever because at any minute it can be gone. They say that the only permanent in this world is change, it is true but I think I know something that can become permanent forever -  it is the MINDSET. You can change the mindset but you can also make it permanent. Mindset is the most important thing to cultivate if you want to reach a certain degree of success in life. With a positive mindset you can achieve results more than you expected. This has been preached a million times before, what you think is what you are.

In case there is a sudden change in your life, business or relationship never fight the change but don't change your mindset to maintain or improve what you have. What do I mean by this? for example your business is doing well and you are earning pretty decent dollars everyday but the recession strikes and your business is affected. Of course you need to make adjustments and changes in order for your business to survive but remember what is your purpose for building your business, what was it? it is to earn money right? so even if a lot of situation changes, your mindset of earning the money from your business shouldn't change. That is the trick in adopting to change but wanting to maintain your properties. If your goal in your business everyday is to earn one hundred thousand dollars then that mindset should never change. Recession may strike, prices may increase but your mindset of earning that certain amount of money should never change. Soon you will realize that changes doesn't matter as long as you have a fixed and strong mindset.

If you were traded to a team that you never like or there is a change of caching stuff in your team and you are not getting the playing time that you usually get, your mindset should never change. If at the beginning your goal is to become an MVP then that mindset should never change. People may treat you differently, your situation may change accordingly but your mindset should remain the same, it should be not scared, unaffected and not willing to entertain other thoughts other than the thought from the beginning.

It is normal to get affected when things are not going on your way, it is logical to make an excuse and change course when your being overwhelmed with the changes that is happening around. But if you will not change your mindset from the start then you will be fine, you can still have your goals in the end. If your mindset will not change then adjustments will come naturally, you don't need to worry about a lot of things because you know you will become successful in the end. All you have to do is keep moving, make certain adjustments if needed, stay with the course and weather the storm.

March 13, 2016


All of the employees around the world please lend me your ears. The time of slavery is over, the time where pharaohs of egypt whipping slaves whose giving free work in exchange for their lives is over, you are free now. You are free to disagree about giving a free work. Our world now is very competitive and some companies are very abusive to their employees and forcing them to work for free. Managers will scare you and will tell you that if you don't follow you will have a bad feedback and they might not make you a regular employee.

Some companies are really greedy, they force their employees to work on saturday and sunday but they do not count it as overtime. There are some cases in fastfoods and restaurants where their workers need to work longer than their regular schedule because there are still people who are eating even if it is already closing time, they work an extra hour or more but it is not paid. They have no choice to do it because as usual the "I will fire you" phrase by the managers will be used again.

This also happens in the office, your shift is already over but you have to wait for the email of your boss because he said it is too important, you wait for 2 hours just to know the instructions for tomorrow's work, you were so sleepy but you have no choice to wait. Again this is not counted as overtime. These abusive leaders are really using their power well, using it fir their own benefit.

Wake up people!!! You should only work according to your schedule and nothing more than that, if you are force to extend your hours of work then you should file it as an overtime. Once you see in your monitor that it is already the end of your shift then turn off your computer immediately and unplug it, no thinking twice about the email of your boss, teammate etc. Stop thinking about what if they get mad or something, it is in your contract that you should only work for 9 hours. If they are against with your leaving on time then they should revise the contract and add more money to your salary.

Time is money so if you're spending your time for charity work then good luck to you. Your health is an issue here. You abuse your body for giving them freework just to smell good and become a regular employee or get an increase but they will not give you some money if you got sick. These greedy companies are having the courage to abuse their employees because the employees themselves agrees to be abused.

Stop allowing managers. bosses, team leaders to scare you that if you don't follow them you will get fired. If you let them scare you then you will be abused forever. Know your rights and fight for it.

What really matters is your health, if they want you to extend the hours of working they they should pay you for overtime, even if the overtime is only 5 minutes it still should be paid. You don't owe them anything, they are also getting something from you, without you their operation will be disabled. Without you their operation is weak, you are valuable so stop giving them more value than yourself.

March 12, 2016


Most people when they reach the age of 40 will already give up their dreams or will stop becoming strong. It is because they believe that they will not grow anymore, they believe that their muscles were already wick, their brains weren't as sharp when they were only 20's. They believe that they already pass their prime and all they can do is accept their situation. They accept being weak and hopeless. They do no longer dream of becoming big, becoming beautiful and becoming a star. Their default mindset is they were too old to do some crazy shits. But deep inside if you dig their deepest thoughts you will find that they are still thinking sometimes what if they try for the very last time.

Age does matter for people who believe that it really matters. What will you do if you haven't reach your goals yet and you were already 45? It is logical to just give up, lie on your sofa and drink some beers, this is what common people mostly do. But what if you are one of those few people who believe that you can  still improve? What will you do? the answer is START IMPROVING and KEEP IMPROVING.

If you were at your 40's or 50's and you still want to compete at the highest level then you should do it. How do most old people look? They were fat, slow, out of shape and funny. It is because the lack the discipline to stay in shape. We all knew that our metabolism is deteriorating once we get old so it is up to us how we adjust our diet and regular activities. You cannot fight aging but you can slow it down and maintain your power. You can even improve no matter what your age is for as long as you're committed to it and forgetting about what people say.

Forget the statistics that most men and women lose their prime at the age of 40 above. That stat was not true, that stat was a myth. There were even old people who were stronger than youngsters and can easily schooled someone younger than them. These old strong people maintain their strength because they were so disciplined, dedicated and they act according to their age. They have a diet that brings back their youthful energy.

Compare two people, one is a 47 year old guy who have good and healthy habits like running 45 mins a day, lifting heavy weights, doing some yoga and eating healthy foods. The other guy is a 25 year old guy who drinks everyday, just exercising twice a week, eating a lot of junk foods and has no daily routine. If the two compete in a physical sport who do you think will win? My bet is the 47 year old guy, if you are doing a daily exercise then your will power is stronger, your body is in perfect condition and your endurance can last longer than the younger guys who has no daily discipline at all. I am making this comparison about the older guy whose disciplined and the younger guy who lacks focus because there are few disciplined people nowadays. The logic here is you can still thrive even if you are old because only few people do exercise everyday.

An older guy with discipline and healthy habits can also beat a younger guy whose healthy and exercising everyday as well if his training is harder and smarter than the younger guy. You see, the age is not the issue here, it is what you are doing with your body.

Improvement is not choosing anyone, you can improve even if you were too old, you can become stronger everyday for as long as you have healthy habits, consistent training and positive mindset. Never use age as an excuse so you can stop and just watch others fulfill their dreams. You can do anything you want, you can improve anytime you want. There is no requirements for self improvement.

March 12, 2016


Wake up! are you still dreaming? are you still dreaming that one day our world will become a promise land? Do you still believe that eventually you will reach the promise land? I am not frightening you. I am a positive person and supporter of people who are pursuing their dreams but for me promise land is just an illusion. Promise land was promised by politicians and any other people who is trying to convince you that you should believe. They want you to believe and follow them, they have a hidden agenda by promising you the promise land.

Promise land is just a promise, it will never become real. What you should do is make your own promise land. Go to the land that you want, how to do it? by simply working hard. Stop believing in people that are telling you that just wait, someone will save us, someone will work for us and bring us to the promise land, all of the people will become rich, all of the people will love each other.

All you can do is change your life, if you choose being poor so be it and stop complaining, if you choose to become rich then you should be willing to pay the price.

Not everyone can become rich because if everyone is rich then we can no longer distinguish what is poor or rich, there will be no more status in life. If everyone is rich then there is no more reason to work. There will be no more progress so don't ever believe that there will be a time where there will be no more hunger, crimes, wars, scarcity. That time won't come but you can still change your life. You can shift your situation, that is the only choice you have. Stop believing in promise, stop believing that someone will save you, you are the one who can save your own ass.

March 11, 2016


No one knows everything. even successful people sometimes weren't 100% sure about what are they doing and if it will give them any results. They only move even if they do not know if they will succeed or not, sometimes they were also guessing. If you guess and make a move you will know what is the next move, you will know if what you did is right. Sometimes it is all about the guessing and moving game. Guessing while moving is better than analyzing while stopping. If you keep on overthinking about things you will form a habit of doubt and being afraid to take actions. Your mind will be poisoned you will never noticed that years passed by and you haven't take any actions yet.

Movement is the only thing that will take you to the next step. Even if your decision is not right you still move, you still made a progress. If you keep on analyzing things you will find yourself procrastinating and being stuck in a mud. The word "analyze" will make you paralyze. Be the person who takes actions even if the action is not sure.

If a murderer is running after you and you see two doors what will you do? are you going to think about it first or are you going to take an immediate pick? The best thing to do is make a guess and pick whatever it is that you like. If you don't take immediate action then you're dead. Even if you pick the wrong door, well at least you decide it for yourself, at least you extend your life rather than allowing the murderer to stab your back without doing something about it. And what more if you pick the right door? Instant happiness right?

Life is not all about thinking, it is not all about studying things and taking calculated risks. Because over analyzing things will bring you to nowhere. You will remain at your position forever wondering what should be done. Overthinking will just give you a headache and stress unlike taking actions which will give you directions.

If you commit a mistake you still made a progress because you already knew what to do next time. You will get feedbacks that you can use in the future.

March 11, 2016


Be happy if you find yourself alone, travelling your journey, doing what you think is right, doing what you think will make you successful. Don't be scared because even if you fail you will still see the right way. Travelling alone means you are detached from other people's opinions, you are really following what your heart tells you to do so. You are not afraid if there is no helping hand that will support you because you don't need it anymore. You know you can do it yourself, you trust your strength, decision and abilities. You have the determination to take every action.

Some people who find themselves alone in their journey will go back to their starting line because it is really scary to be alone, it is scary if there will be no one who will help you if you fail. And mostly they only find strength from the strength of others. They not believe that they can do it.

If you are pursuing great things then you must be prepared to become alone. People will not understand why are you doing such things that for them seems irrational, they will not understand your emotions and how you feel when you are taking your own journey. Sometimes they will label you as weird and trying hard individual because they know nothing about your beliefs. They find your actions "over acting" and they simply cannot understand why are you going so hard.

If you are alone in your journey it means everybody has given up but you are still fighting, you are still believing so you will be the only one who will succeed. It means you already defeated fear because you can stand alone with nobody watching over you.

Be happy even if no one is supporting you while you are travelling your journey because at the end of the line they will be there to congratulate you. Those who doubted you at the beginning will hug you in the end and throw some confetti as a sign that you are right and they were asking forgiveness for not supporting you.

Those who have strength and courage to travel his own journey alone are usually the ones who succeed. It is simply because they made up their mind that they will take every step no matter how difficult it is just to become successful. They have a strong immunity against challenges, critics and mockery from other people. They always knew that all they need is their heart, belief and the willingness to move even if their body is saying they should quit.

If you find yourself alone in your journey you have every reason to become happy.

March 11, 2016


Sometimes we don't know what is the difference between rest and laziness. We always use the phrase "I need to rest, I am so stressed". For me if you already slept or didn't move for at least 5-8 hours then that is already rest.

The problem with people nowadays is once they rest they feel that they are still stressed. They feel that they need to extend more hours for resting that is why they don't know if their body is good to go for working. Come to think of it, let's say you worked for 10 straight brutal hours and then you feel very tired, really really tired. What you do is you rest or sleep for 10 hours then when you woke up you feel like you still need a one day break. The problem is you became addicted to the softness of your bed and pillow and you don't want to stand up anymore. You are so confused if you need to work or do you still need some extra hours of resting. The main reason behind this is you give more value to resting than working.

Rest becomes more of a necessity to you than working. You use rest as an excuse that is why your mind believes that you really need more rest. Sometimes you feel that you haven't take a rest yet after sleeping for 14 hours because you believe that you are still tired and you need to take more time lying in your bed.

Don't ever believe that you are still tired after having a bunch of hours of sleep. Once you are awake stand up! This is the best way to become more productive. Don't ever fool yourself that you need more rest because continuous search for resting will lead to vacation. You even watch movies for 8 hours straight without doing anything and you still demand for more rest?

Even if it is just 2 or 5 or 8 hours of sleep/inactivity it is still a rest. A rest is a rest so if you rest it only means you were already refreshened and energized. You don't have the right to ask for more because the moment you do it you will become addicted to it and all of the important opportunities will pass away. The more you rest the more you will look like a pest. Resting too much will make your body weak, it is not a good habit, it will make you dumb, lazy and ugly. You need to realize that having a couple of hours of sleep is good enough and you restored a lot of energy by doing it. STAND UP NOW AND MOVE YOUR FEET!

March 11, 2016


I will straight forward about this thing because it is really true: MONEY CAN BUY HAPPINESS. I know there will be a lot of people who will disagree with me. A lot of meditational gurus, spiritual monks, yoga jedis and enlightenment preachers will love to murder me by saying that money can buy happiness but this is just my opinion and observation and it really happens in my life, I am pretty sure it also happened to different people.

One thing for sure is really true, everyone has his own definition of happiness so nobody can make a bold statement about what happiness is all about and how to get it. You can become happy on your own way regardless of what you have or not.

When I say money can buy happiness, this is just an option. You can be happy with having money and you can be happy without money too. Both of the situation can produce happiness. It depends on how a person look and feel about his situation.

I will give you some examples to prove my opinion about money:

Your Mom loves flowers, if she is a little bit sad today and you buy here a bouquet of flowers, wouldn't she be happy?. This is just a simple act of love and money can produce a little act of love. It is not about the paper, it is about how you use that paper to bring happiness. It is not about how big you spend to make your mom happy, it is about what will you buy in order for your mom to become happy. You can spend big and buy here a motorcyle but the question is does she really love it?

Your son got bullied by his playmates and he is crying, if you buy him a new robot do you think he will stop crying? Definitely yes, buying him a robot will make him stop crying faster than babying him and telling that everything is alright.

If your wife is a a little bit sad for an unknown reason just buy here a pair of sandals and you will see a little smile in here face. You can also book a surprise trip to some nice places or something. Just giving a little surprise to women will make them happy and ease away the sadness in their faces.

Money can buy happiness but it is not a forever happiness. It is a short term happiness but the feeling is genuine, the feeling is true, it is not fake. A short term happiness is still happiness. Money can become a medium for changing emotions. Money is not all about for buying materials, it can also play a large role for changing an emotional state of somebody.

Again, I am not saying that in order for you to become happy you must have a lot of money. It still depends on how you appreciate the things around you and how can you make yourself happy even though you don't have money. My point here is money can also produce happiness and that is a fact.

March 11, 2016


People were always talking about greatness, how to become great and who are the greats. They don't know what greatness really means. Greatness has deeper meanings and only great people can explain it, only people who knows what it takes to become great and people who were pursuing greatness have the right to talk about greatness. There are some misconceptions about greatness, a lot of people were misguided by other people who talks about greatness but hasn't done anything great in their lives. I will discuss you the 7 myths about greatness, here are they:

1. Greatness is a gift - people who wants to become great but is not doing anything to become one makes this an excuse, they always tell that greatness is already destined for some individuals. They believe that some people are born with it so they feel unlucky or unblessed. They feel that they don't have a gift but others have so what they do is they just let their life pass them by without doing anything. If you think that greatness is a gift then you don't have the capacity to become great. Greatness is not given, it is earned. You have to earn it, you have to work hard so one day you can become great too. Greatness can only be achieved through hardwork and perseverance and nothing else. Even the dumbest people can become great if they choose to.

2. Greatness is about achievements - Most people labeled greatness as number of achievements and success. They feel that if they do not succeed and achieve anything then they are not great. If greatness is all about awards then why are there some people who were great at something but hasn't won any individual awards yet. A good example is Leonardo Dicaprio, he only won the Oscar Awards this year (2016) but people already knew that he was a great actor. Another example is Monta Ellis, he was not selected as an all star up to now but people knew that he was a great player. Greatness is an act, if you keep on pursuing greatness everyday then you are already great. Awards and success is just a bonus. If people cannot appreciate you then it is none of your business. If you really wanted to become great then you should not care about awards, you should care about the process of being great.

3. You can only try big things if you were already great - This is why people doesn't want to take risk and bring their talents to another level. They always wanted to become great so they can try things that gives big rewards. For example in american idol, people who were doubting their talents will not join it even if they want to join. They felt that they should become really really great so they will surely win. They don't know that greatness is a process. You can only become great if you try becoming great. Start now to become great don't strive for greatness to begin.

4. Greatness has a final stage - Most people when they taste some success they will already feel that they were really great. They will not make themselves better than yesterday anymore, they will not work anymore. They will stay on their level because their own arrogance has fooled them. They thought that greatness will stop on a certain level and you once you succeed you don't need to work extra hard anymore because you were already great. Greatness has no limit, greatness needs to be taken care of very well and must be fed everyday so it won't vanished. Once you thought that you were already great then that is the time you stop being great.

5. Greatness is flawless - This is another misconception about greatness that is why a lot of people were afraid of greatness. Most of you thought that greatness cannot make a mistake, you thought that greatness is perfect. What you do not know is that great people makes a lot of mistake too. You wouldn't notice it because for them mistake is normal, they do not act like they made a mistake when they made one. They still remain confident and do what is needed. Great people has a lot of flaws in their games too, they only focus on their strength that is why their flaws cannot be exposed. They have a lot of weakness too and they cannot deny it. What makes them different is they never give attention to their weaknesses instead they just focus on their strength.

6. Greatness is all about being popular - Most of you think that greatness applies only to popular people like athletes, celebrities, politicians well know businessmen etc. You can become great too even if you are not popular. Once you are committed to greatness everyday and you are doing everything to jump to another level then you are on your way to greatness too. It doesn't matter if no one is giving you an attention. It doesn't matter if you are popular or not, what really matters is you are doing what great people does and you have the habit and the attitude of a great person.

7. Greatness is all about happiness - People think that if you are great then you will be happy forever, your family and your friends will be happy too. The reality is not, once you are inline with greatness your life will not be so simple and you will experience a lot of contradictions with your friends and family. We've seen a lot in television that great people's lives are perfect and it looks like they were not having problems at all. Not all of it are true, great people's lives were having some problems too. They were also dealing with a lot of stress with their family and friends they can just handle it very well. If you wanted to become great you must be prepared in handling a lot of conflicts with your family, friends jobs etc. It will be part of your life. There is no perfect life in this world. Great power comes great responsibilities, it is true.

That's it, I hope your eyes were opened what greatness really is. Greatness is nothing special, it is just a process and an everyday work.