February 25, 2016


Most people are afraid to take some action because they were so afraid to fail. They were so scared to feel the negative emotion that failing gives. What they do is they play safe and feel ok with being average or seeing their dreams go away but deep inside they really want to move out from their comfort zone. They thought that not jumping into the harder path is the best way for them and will give them security in the future.

If you will dissect your feelings, if you will dig deeper and study your emotions very well you will find out that comfort and playing safe is not what you really want. You are still dreaming of wanting more, being on the highest level, being on the pinnacle of your passion. You are just afraid to face the pain but you will feel more pain in the end if you did not face your fear now.

One big example is a basketball player deciding to take the last shot or not, he wants to take the last shot but he passed it to his other teammate instead. His teammate missed the shot so the blame was on his teammate but deep inside he is full of regret because he knew he was better than his teammate and only if he was the one who take the shot, they could have won the game.

Giving your best and expressing yourself is really hard but it is the only way to avoid the feeling of regret.

You should value what is more valuable to you. Was it the feeling of being comfortable at the moment and not taking risk or fighting your emotions and going for the kill?

What is painful in regrets is knowing that you could have done better, knowing that you could get better results if you didn't hold yourself back.

My advise is do your best now, when I say best it means you will give all your energy, focus and determination to that thing that you are aiming. Stop thinking about the results because it will show in the end anyway. We're not talking about the results anymore, the conversation here is are you going to give your best or not? as simple as that.

Those who give their best yet fail are happier than those who succeed but exert mediocre effort.