February 16, 2016


Our physical presence is not only the basis of being present. You may be there but if your mind is not there then you are really not there. Just like in listening to someone who's discussing something. He may think that you are attentive. You may pretend that you understand what he is talking about but if your mind is not open to listening and it is thinking other things then it means you are mentally absent. Anything that he say or will be saying will not be ingrained into your brain.

It is like listening to a radio station but you don't like the music that they are playing, even if your ear hears the music it will not be enjoyed by your soul. But if your mind is thinking about the music that you like and playing it in your head, even if it is not playing in real life you will still hear the music and enjoy it.

Just like the goals, if you are pursuing any goal your mind should be really into it. It is like being in a place that you are not. If you wanted to become a president of the country then your mind should be really into it. You should live it everyday, you should think about it everyday and you should not think about any obstacles that may stop you from reaching your goals. Do everything that will make you become a president. If you think about circumstances that will avoid you from reaching your goals then that will stop you from reaching there.

If your mind is there you will arrive there even if it is very far.

There are some people who already succeeded but they remove their minds in their position. Some examples are athletes who became pro. They remove their minds from being a pro. What they do is they party hard everyday, they do not train like a pro anymore, they eat unhealthy foods and do some stupid activities. They are there but their mind is not there anymore so the result is they were removed form their current position. Their teams traded them or waived them.

Mind is a very powerful thing to become successful. If you put your mind in the right position then you will be in your desired position.