February 27, 2016


All the people in the world wants to become super rich. It is because they don't want to work anymore, they thought that if they have all the money in the world then they don't need to work anymore. The reality is not. Sometimes the people who has a lot of money are the busiest people in the world, it is mainly because they are not satisfied with what they have. And also they have a lot of responsibilities that if they fail to do will make them go back at being poor.

If you are super rich and you cannot balance your time in work and family/friends then you won't be happy. You will be trapped in a rat race or vicious circle that you cannot escape.

Even if you are already a millionaire and you don't need money anymore you still have to work on different areas of your life. You need to work on your health, you need to exercise and be healthy so you can have a long time enjoying your fruits of labor. You also need to work on your relationships because people around you also needs your time and not only the money that you have. You also need to check your business every now and then, you can't just sit in your couch all day long everyday because if you do that you will become weak, unmotivated and possibly go back at being poor. People who stop working is always looking for something and they feel that something is missing in their lives even though they have all the things that they want.

Look at those celebrities, athletes that were already rich. They still work because they love doing it and it gives balance to their lives. For them not working is a sin and it means you are wasting your life.

Work is part of our daily lives so people who strive for becoming rich to avoid work is making a mistake. Working hard to avoid work in the future will make you even do more work. Attached work in your life, accept it as a gift because if you can no longer work it means death is around.