February 10, 2016


They say sky is the limit, they say there are no limits but I say you should know your limits. Yes, what you heard is right, you should believe that you have limits in order to become successful.

Let me make my self clear about this, the limits that I am talking about doesn't have to do anything about dreams, goals or success. Of course those things have no limits. Your belief and effort should have no limits when it comes to those things. What I am talking about is you should have limits on the things that should be limited.

I will go straight to the point. You should have limits in partying, drinking beers, watching TV, playing video games and any other activities that stops you from being successful.

You should know how many beers you should only drink when partying or bonding with your friends. It is because you still have to go home or you still have some other tasks to do tomorrow morning. If you take so much alcohol then your body will become numb. It will be very hard for you to recover tomorrow morning. Appointments may be cancelled, important engagements or commitments will be in jeopardy. Your business will be affected. What if your home is far away from the place that you are drinking? your life will also be in danger. You should know your limits, you have to conserve your strength and reserve an energy, there are more important things to do  that is waiting for you. Drinking a lot of alcoholic drinks will drain your energy at that night and will avoid you to do some other things tomorrow. You will spend most of your time recovering from hangover.

What about playing video games and watching TV? of course those things must have limits too. Don't spend your whole day playing games and watching TV, what if you have exams tomorrow? what if you need to wash the dishes and laundry your clothes? Yes watching TV and playing video games are really fun, it makes the time fly so fat but there are more important things to do. Just watch or play 1-2 hours and stop it. Don't extend or else you will be extending forever.

What about eating foods? this activity should have a limit too. You can't just eat whatever you want even if you are already full just because the delicious foods are prepared on the table. You should know what is bad for your body. You should know the foods that aren't healthy. You should know if you are high blood or diabetic so you must be picky on the foods that you will eat.

Knowing your limits will make your life better. It is ok to reward yourself for a drink, time for playing and eating the foods that you love but you should not abuse your freedom. You should not extend or else your life will also not extend. Be responsible in limiting what should be limited. You can do whatever you want but there are somethings that should be done for a limited time.