February 10, 2016


You keep complaining to the government that you have an uncomfortable life but the reality is you are very comfortable with the position that you are in. You keep complaining that you have no job, that it is recession, that it is very hard to find a job but when you are in your sofa... you are still comfortable watching your favorite tv show. You have a box of pop corn on your right hand and beer in can on the other hand. What is so uncomfortable with that?

You keep complaining that you are not comfortable because you are not given the opportunity like others, you keep telling everyone that your parents didn't give you the life that you deserve but when you are alone you are very comfortable injecting your arms with illegal substances that makes you high. The worse is you impregnate your girlfriend knowing that you don't have the strength to support a family. Now tell me is your life really uncomfortable?

You are very stressed with your work that is what you said. You are very unsatisfied with being underpaid but when your boss is not around you are very comfortable surfing the web that is not related to your job. You are very busy liking your friend's post in facebook, now tell me honestly, are you really uncomfortable?

What is even funnier is you don't appreciate the food on your table, you don't like the food that is being served, you are looking for something yummier, something that you eat in a fancy restaurant when pay day. Don't you know that some people are very happy if they can eat at least twice a day? Now tell me what is hard in your life? what is not comfortable with your life?

You just don't appreciate the things that you have because you always complain and make excuses. You don't work extra hard if you want more. You are already comfortable but you always feel uncomfortable because your mind is not thinking properly. If you want more then work harder but if you don't want to work hard just shut up and appreciate your life.