February 10, 2016


Wake up, it is not the end of the world. Your team lost but you didn't lost any money, you didn't lost a relative then why does your face looks like a tragedy has crossed your life?

A particular sport event should not make you angry even if your team lost because of unfair officiating. Even if your team should have won if the star player didn't got hurt. There is no point in getting mad from a game. A game is just a game, watching it won't change your life. If your idol wins then celebrate but if not then just keep quiet.

Why are you so mad? are you the wife of the star player? If your team wins will it change your fortune? Does it really matter if your team lost? will it change the world? Is your skin gonna get better if your team wins? the reality is even if your team win or lost nothing will change in your life.

Stop carrying your feelings in your work because you won't get any benefit from that. Be sad for just a minute if your team lost then move on. One more thing don't ever participate in an argument about which team is better because it will only waste your saliva. There is no winner in that kind of conversation because no one will admit that his team is a weaker team.

You should only focus on the better things that is infront of you and never let any sport event ruined your day. Weak people let events that has no connection in their lives affect them. They do not think deeply enough and guard their emotions. They let their emotions control them so they live in misery for a long time, it can be days or weeks and even months, they carry a burden that has no connection in their lives. It is fun to watch a sport and support a team but never let it affect your personal life.