February 25, 2016


Your talents won't help you in the end neither your riches nor connections. Whether you like it or not at some point in your life you will feel a stress that you cannot ever imagine. You will ask yourself "why is this happening to me?, How can I escape this?"

There are lots of talented people around the world, there are lots of people who were attached with big expectations but didn't succeed. It is because they cannot move anymore, they were stunned when bad situations appear infront of their face. They freeze when things didn't go as they expected, to make it short they let fear control them.

Listen to me very carefully, In life it is not the most talented, well educated, most gorgeous, most rich who always win... It is the one who can move at any circumstances. Your brain will stop if it sees something it hasn't seen before. It will command you to go back to your comfort zone or take the route that is harmless. It will do everything to avoid you from being stressed. That is what our mind does, it will always choose comfort which is not a good thing. Success will be caress by the few who were willing to move and keep going despite of heavy adversities.

What will you do if your business go bankrupt? can your intelligence forced you to move? I know a lot of intelligent people who take their lives because they were so embarrassed after getting bankrupted. There were some smart people who go crazy because they cannot take the humiliation and mockery form other people. As simple as that, they do not take chances anymore, they simply accept failure and take an easy but less rewarding path.

So what you need to do is you must train yourself to move despite of any chaos that is happening around you. You need to have a strong mindset that nothing will freeze you. You cannot get stunned in life because if you allow it to happen to you the opportunities will pass away. There are lot of great names out there who were thought by the world that can make it big but suddenly fade away because they avoid stressful feelings, they avoid facing adversities and critics. Again it is not the one who has the power will succeed, it is the one who can use his power.