February 18, 2016


Some people are telling you that you cannot do it but why? When I ask why I mean why are you believing them? Those schmucks don't know anything about you. They were so quick to judge your capabilities but they don't know what is inside of you.

They don't know the hardwork that you put in, the determination, motivation, passion that is inside of you. All they know is you failed once, twice or thrice. Those failures become their basis of what you are capable of achieving. What they don't know is that those failures are just stepping stones. Those failures are there to make you even stronger.

These people feels like they knew everything but they really don't know anything. They only know how to watch other people, criticize people and celebrate someone's failure. Someone's failure is their success so don't even try to listen to these schmucks instead listen to your gut. Believe in your hardwork, trust your own process but listen to others' opinions if it is positive and will empower you.

You know yourself, you know the time that you put in and you know your dreams so there is no more point in listening to other's opinions. You hold the facts so opinions are nothing but trash to you.

Who are them to tell you that you can't do it? It is you and only you can tell if you can do it or not. You hold the key, you have the powerr.