February 02, 2016


You've already survived the best time to quit...it was YESTERDAY. Yesterday you were so in pain, you were so stressed, you think you cannot make it anymore. Yesterday you think about quitting and today you are thinking about quitting again. But sorry you cannot quit anymore because yesterday was the deadline of quitting. Today is already a new day and you have no choice but to try again.

You've already passed the hard test, You've already surpassed the mental torture so quitting time is not on your sight anymore.

You should have quit yesterday because you said you can't take it anymore but look at you..You are still alive, you are sill breathing, you can still move and make another try. Your are stronger now than yesterday, you can think clearly now, you are more motivated now. The right pieces are in your hands now.

Most of you think that you cannot make it but just try to live another day, just try to make another try. If you are planing to quit then you should have do it a long time ago. You should have do it while sacrifices are still low and the amount of time you spend for pursuing that goal is still small. You've gone so far now only to quit. Don't waste the hardwork that you put in, don't waste the support that people give to you. TODAY IS A NEW DAY, the quitting time is over.