February 17, 2016


Stop comparing yourself to somebody. Stop comparing your properties, looks, health, body, job, status in life, money etc. to somebody. If you are doing this it means you are not satisfied with what you have. It means you have low self confidence and you are a jealous son of a bitch.

You also have what they don't have so never get jealous. Their eyes maybe blue but yours is black, some people will exchange their blue eyes with black. They may have a lot of money but you have good health, rich people will surely exchange their money for health. Everyone is not perfect so as you, everyone is looking for something that they don't have. Other people are not perfect too. Other people gets jealous with you too. Just feel blessed with all the qualities and properties that you have. Stop feeling inadequate because you are not, your life is already perfect you just need to appreciate it a little more.

You have your own talent so don't get envy with someone who have a good voice or can dance gracefully. It is up to you to nurture your talent and make it as big as you can. Even if your talent is not what others are wishing, it is still a talent.

You have your own unique way of doing things, you can open a can with spoon or open a bottle with another bottle. Those are just small things but other people can't do that. Even the president can't open a bottle with another bottle so be proud of what you can do even if those are just tiny things.

Lets talk about things. let's say your house is too small, even if it is small it still has some qualities that other houses don't have. Their big houses can have a swimming pool but yours have a very nice dining room that most people get jealous after seeing it. Other people may have a nice car but you can have a nice bike that can make you healthy if you use everyday. What others lack can be your completeness so celebrate the things and qualities that you have.