February 02, 2016


A lot of quotes from the internet were always saying "JUST BELIEVE, JUST BELIEVE". People got pumped up and excited because they thought they already discover the formula to succeed. They thought it's that simple. But when adversity strikes them...wow! they bend so easily.

Believing is something, sticking with that belief is another thing. Real belief means you push trough pain, real belief means believing yourself when no one else believes in you. Real belief means you will start and then you will finish no matter what.

Real belief also means disbelieving yourself and then believing again, belief cannot exist without doubts, fears and anxieties. There will be times when you cannot believe yourself anymore because progress is very hard to find, even the littlest success cannot be decoded, even the tiniest movement cannot be executed. There will be times when you will be freezed and cannot move anymore. There will be times when endless trials seems to devour you but... Your belief still rises in the end, you find that strength out of nowhere and then take action again. Your spirit has been replenished and your motivation has been very strong again.

Real belief is tested by heart breaking moments. Real belief is exposed by unbeatable challenges that will bring you to your knees. Real belief cannot exist without the most difficult experiences.

Anyone can believe in the beginning but not anyone can still believe in the end.