February 13, 2016


There are things that you should now when giving advise. You can't just give advise and then expect that the person whom you give advise will follow you or will have a better life. There are some important things to consider when giving advise and here are they:

1. Make sure you will do what you are advising - most of you are just good when advising, you think you know everything. You think you are perfect and knows exactly what you are doing. But lets imagine that you and the person whom you are giving an advise exchange position. Lets say that you are the one who has a problem, will you do what you are saying?

You will give an advise to someone that she must leave her husband and move on, are you going to do the same? You will give an advise to someone to leave his job and look for another, will you do that to? It is easier said than done. Make sure you will do the same thing and you must mean it.
Make sure your advise will make the life of your friend easier and will not put him in a bad position. Giving advise is easy, doing it for yourself is difficult.

2. Don't blame the person and made him feel that he is wrong - your friend is already having a problem and yet you keep on making him realize that he has done some stupid things. Instead of making him comfortable, you keep on blaming him and making him feel bad. Stop doing that shit, just listen to him, let him talk for a while and make him feel that you are here to listen, you are here to give some good advise and help. The person who has a problem needs a companion and not a sermon. Stop reminding him that only if he follows you form the beginning then there will be no problem now. You too have done bad decisions in the past so stop acting like you are perfect. Make him feel that his problem is not a big deal and there is a solution for it.

3. Give the consequences that will happen if he follows your advise - don't just tell him what to do, tell him honestly what might happen if he follows your advise. Tell him the pros and cons of your advise. Be fair and measure everything. Look at all the angles, be realistic and rational with your advise. Don't give advise for the sake of just having something to say. Present all the details that may happen, give advise with care.