February 20, 2016


No more long introduction here they are:

1. Appreciate your life sincerely - if you can appreciate your life regardless of your situation then that is true happiness. Everyone is looking for more but they will not see it because they cannot see what they have. You have to appreciate what you have first so you can have more. How can you have more if you don't think you have anything? It is a common sense. If you want a car, you have to appreciate that you have a bike, if you don't have a bike you have to appreciate that you can walk and you can go to different place without any vehicle. It applies to different things, appreciation is the key to evolution. If you can appreciate that you have 30 cents in your pocket then it will multiply. It is because you are so happy having that 30 cents and you will look for that feeling over and over again, it will manifest naturally without you having to force anything. If you have debt be happy with it too, be happy that someone still trust to lend their money to you. Be happy because someone still helps you. See, it is not about the situation, it is about how you look at the situation.

2. Strive to expand everyday - progress is happiness, if you can improve your life a little bit everyday, even in .0009% improvement you will be happy for sure. If you can do jumping rope for 20 times yesterday, do it 21 times now. It will bring happiness to your life. You will feel that you are evolving and you will have a sense of pride that you too can become good at something. You are the one whose responsible for your growth so do something about it, forget if you are very slow what matters is you are consistent and you are dedicated for improvement. There are no definite steps needed here, it's your rules. If you feel you are expanding without any doubt then you are on the right path.

3. Master starting - Starting is one of the most difficult thing in the world, it is because there are lot of thoughts going in your mind before starting. Things such as: "Am I good enough?", "Can I really do this?", "What will they say?" and thousands of thoughts that will stop your from starting. The thing is this... those thoughts will multiply if you will not start, sometimes it will even become a nightmare. To stop your misery you should learn how to master starting because life is all about starting. Starting your day, starting a goal, starting after failing. Speaking of failing, this is the time where we should be the fastest when we have to start. After failing you should start right away. Stop thinking, stop reevaluating, just start. That is the beauty of life, starting every time we fail. That is the key, never get tired of starting because it is the only way how to get out of misery. Starting is the only way how to live life.