February 17, 2016


What prevents you from getting big things is you always wanted to take big steps. There is no such thing as big steps because if there is then there will be no process. You will just make a one big bold move and that's it. Did it already happened in history? Is there a business man who just bought a place to start business and eventually become rich? Is there an athlete that just lift some heavy weights on a single night and became a star?

The reality is you have to take a lot of little steps to become big. Those little steps will work in the end. The good news is you can take those little steps anytime, anywhere. For example if you want to get fit. You can move around while watching TV, you can make jumping jacks, situps, pushups etc. You can do it anytime. Nobody can stop you. It is hard to make a big leap and go to the desired results so fast because making shortcuts will make you fail.

Those little steps that you take, at first you will feel that it is not working but it is. You will feel the gain in the end. Of course you can't see immediate results in the beginning, this is where your patience will be tested. Those little steps if sum up will take you to another level. It will make you better, stronger and braver.

Make sure you take little steps everyday, take consistent little steps then if you got bored it is time for you to add more. If you take a little step just once in a week or twice or thrice then good luck to you. You may reach 85 years old and your goal is not yet 50 percent accomplished. Taking little steps is very easy, just do what you think will bring you closer to your goal and then repeat.