February 11, 2016


This article is a little bit something about saving money.

Most people buy a lot of things that they really don't need. Things such as collectibles, brand new release shoes, action figures, mugs from coffee shop etc. They get easily attracted because those things are really cute and very heart warming when touched.

But what are the purpose of those craps? do you really need it? will it make your life better? if you will just save your money and use it for more important things then your position in life will be much better.

There is nothing wrong in collecting things especially if you are rich but what if you are not?

Those garbages won't help you in the long run it will only make your house smaller. It will occupy a lot of space in your house and sometimes it will even become a hideout for rats, cockroaches and any other insects if you don't clean those things..

Don't easily get fooled by "buy one take one" things. It is only seducing you so you must think twice if you really need those things.

Collectibles are nothing but garbages, it has no value, it is even hard to resell it in ebay. And in the long run you will regret buying them because you don't love them anymore. You will also learned that you made a mistake for buying those things when you are in shortage of money.