February 03, 2016


These haters are hidden admirers. They just can't admit that they like you, they have posters of your face in their homes. They even know the color of your underwear because they stalk you everyday.

If they don't like you then why will they waste their time guarding your actions? They know every mistake that you did and even if it is just a mistake they will still proudly post in every social media account that they have. It is funny because even if you are just nose picking they will still take a picture of you and make fun out of it.

They are very happy if you fail so it only means that even if you are failing they will still support you, they still guard your actions. They are very proud of your darkest moments because they are not unashamed to show the world that you are a failure. That is what the most loyal supporters do, staying with their idols at the toughest moments, they never leave you.

They are quiet if you are succeeding, they don't want people to think that they are very proud of your victory. They don't want to look arrogant by displaying your success so they just keep quiet. It is simply because they don't want to look obvious that they are your fans.

They know every toughest moment in your life - your heartaches, your failures, your problems with your family, your debts, your ugly past. They know everything that will bring you down. It is even funnier because they also know the ugly parts of your life and all the tiniest details about it. They know how many cigarettes you smoke everyday, they know if you didn't take a bath. They know if you get drunk and mess at the party. They have a picture of you vomiting, choking, peeing and even washing your butt they have it.

You can't hide anything from them, they know your darkest secrets. They will expose anything that will make you look funny and stupid. They simply love to post anything about you. They waste their time talking about you, they don't even have time for themselves, they don't know their selves anymore.

They hate to admit that they like you but their day is not complete without attacking you. They are very sad if they have no news about you. They said you suck but they still give time to know something about you. All they think is you it is because they really like you a lot.