February 19, 2016


One major problem that our world is facing now is there are lot of people that are choosy. They thought that they have a lot of resources available around them. They thought that time is waiting for them and there is a long line in front of them that is composed of the things and opportunities that are waiting to be selected. They do not devour an opportunity that presents itself in front of them, what they do is they act like a rich man that deserves more in this world.

You didn't go to college because you prioritized drinking and partying first and now you don't want to become a janitor? What is wrong in being a janitor? If you are doing your job well and you love it then you are already successful. You want a white collar job with big pay but your skills and credentials are not enough, now you are looking for a job that looks cool but you don't deserve? Wake up! embrace any kind of work that is available and if you are not satisfied being in that kind of job forever then find a way how to escape.

You don't want to eat the food that was served on your table, you want something else like steaks and salads but the budget that you gave to your wife can only afford fishballs. How come you have the guts to complain about the food being served if you spend some of your monthly salary in gambling, drinking and night life? You're acting like you're giving millions to your wife, don't you know that she goes crazy while budgeting for the food, bills etc.? Ask for delicious foods if your salary is spicy.

Your parents can only give you Reebok instead of Nike and yet you're still complaining about it? What is wrong with Reebok? it is still a branded shoes and has some swagger in it. Why are you crying like a bitch and doesn't want to wear that snicker? Don't you know that your father works so hard just to give you those shoes? That is the only thing that your parents can afford so appreciate it. Wear it like the best shoe in the world and never feel shy with people who were wearing better shoes.

Most of you are acting like you have a lot of resources to choose from. You think like there are lot of options available and you can afford it. The golden rule is this, if you can replace what is in front of you then you have the right to become picky but if not just appreciate it. Stop being picky if you're just poor or if you have no capabilities to provide for yourself. Devour what is infront of you and if you don't like it, find a way how to replace it. Find a way how to make your situation better instead of disrespecting the blessings that are coming into your life.