February 01, 2016


What you focus on will lately become your reality. The good thing is focusing on something is really hard and in that case your attraction to different negative things will not be that fast because lets face it, our minds cannot focus on something 24 hours a day. There are some people who can do it but they train themselves to do it.

My point here is instead of focusing on negative things just ignore it. Once you ignore something or someone then it will no longer have power over you. You only give power to negative things/people because you easily got carried away. You are not controlling your emotions when you face them. If something has captured your emotion then it can easily control you. It can easily annoy you and it will make you out of control. It can destroy your pattern of thinking and it will make you look like a midget immature person.

If you focus on problems, if you focus on people that annoys you then your problem will become bigger. It is because all you see is your problems, even if the problem is not affecting you that much you still feel like a victim because all of your thoughts and actions were related to that problem. Even if you hate to admit it but you are slowly becoming a psychopath whose thoughts were irrational and not acceptable.

Just ignore the people/things/situations that you don't like. It is difficult at first but you can master it once you are committed to it. A person or a thing only becomes powerful if it is gathering a lot of attention.

And lastly why will you give attention to things that has no value to you? If something is catching your attention it means it has a value to you. Stop valuing annoying things because they don't deserve your time.