February 12, 2016


You entertain a lot of questions to your head. Questions from other people that didn't matter. They are questioning you if you are qualified or not, if you deserve it or not. They have so many requirements and many questions, these questions got into your head and now you are doubting if you really have what it takes.

So many questions such as: What is your college degree? what is your height? what are your awards? what is your background experience? do you know how to speak japanese? Do you have rich parents? Are you a genius? How strong are you? What is the color of your skin? Are you a royal blood?

If you take those questions seriously then you will be in trouble. You will begin to question yourself and you will feel that you are inadequate if one of your answer to their questions is NO. You will feel that you don't belong and you should take another route instead.

Listen, there is only one question that you should answer and that is ARE YOU GOING TO DO IT OR NOT? That's it. There is no need to answer if you are qualified and you pass their qualifications because all of their interrogations are irrelevant. If your answer is yes then there is no thinking needed, there is no doubting needed. You will become successful and nobody can question it.

Because even if you are qualified and has passed all their qualifications you may still fail in the end if you are not decisive. If there is an adversity that strikes you, you may quit. There are some people who are very much qualified in pursuing their dreams but did not make it. It is because they are not decisive that they are going to do it, they become overwhelmed when the going gets tough and decided to take another path. Their mindset is not fixed so they easily change directions just to feel comfortable.

Once you say YES that you will do it then it is over. No need to entertain other questions, no need to doubt yourself. You do it no matter what, you do it even if you don't know how to do it. Even if you get embarrassed, even if you get criticized you will still do it.

Any struggle is nothing to you because you have a bullet proof mindset. You answer yes so the opportunity to succeed will be attracted to you. You never mind what people say and what your emotions say. All  you know is you are going to get it.