February 13, 2016


Take the first step just take it. Forget about what will be the next step because doing that will make you unfocused on what you are doing. The next step will be unfold naturally once you take the first step. Forget about how will you do it, just do it. Make mistakes, make a guess if needed.

The next step will be unfold whether you made the previous step right or wrong. The next step will always follow the previous step. Whether the step is about repeating or about taking a new step it will always show so don't worry about it.

If you are in a journey, if you are pursuing goal you must accept that steps will never end unless you succeed. So if you fail in the middle of your journey the next step will be deciding to quit or deciding to continue. The next step is always known, you will never ran out of step.

And even if you succeed, even if you bag your goal, there will always be a next step. It is either you take another goal or you take a rest. Even taking a  rest is also a step because you decided to do it. Every decision is a step even though you didn't take a lot of action. Decision is also considered an action.

Life is all about taking steps, don't worry if you do not know if the step you take is the right path or not. There is no wrong steps because the next step will always correct you.