February 16, 2016


Why are you quitting now? why are you so depressed? don't you think it's not yet over? How old are you? 30? 40? 50? 80?  it doesn't matter. What matters is are you still moving?, are you still doing the necessary steps to realized your dreams? The climax of your story hasn't been published yet so don't ever think that you can't do it anymore. You are the writer of your story, don't stop writing it, revised it if needed, add more interesting plots, add more characters and series of events if needed. Just keep on writing until it is published.

The climax of your story will be published sooner or later, the date is unknown but one thing for sure... your story will be published, you dreams will come true. The more you write the better your story will be.

There is no reason to stop when things are going bad because doing so will only make your situation badder. It will only delay the publishing of your story. And one more thing make sure that what you write in your story will make your story get published. What I mean is do the steps that will make you closer to your dreams. Never write silly things or stupid decisions that will only derail your success.

Remember that you are the writer, the decision is always in your hands and will never be on other's.